Warning of war between U.S and Iran

Conflicts between Iran and United States come from several years ago, but the worst new was launched a the begging of this year 2020 when a warning of war was communicated in massive media.

This year President Donald Trump ordered the murder of the man he considered was responsible for plans to attack US diplomats and members of the service.  The attack that killed major general Qasem Soleimani the responsible for hundreds of murders in his own country and other countries.

United states

The Iranian government recognizes to Qasem Soleimani as a leader and influence for Iranians, also as a military hero, so with this front attack from U.S both the Iranians fronts religious and politician treated with revenge to the US government, as a preventative security measure United States required of the entire United States citizens and also several governments around the world asked their citizens to leave Iranian territories.



The Military Allies of United States

They have a powerful army and a network of military allies in the West such as NATO that has 29 member countries including United Kingdom and, one of the strongest armies and powerful allies so there is no way in which Iran can confront and respond against the United States

Situation in Iran

The murder of Soleimani has had consequences as a warning of a  potential war that could cost thousands of innocent lives, with a huge economic impact as the increases in the price of the oil in the world and specifically in Iran, there was a 200% the increase since a potential war caused by U.S. conflict which rises in a lot of protests, hundreds of people injury and chaos in both countries, so that was the point that Iran’s governments can not struggle with protests that they prohibit the internet in the entire country to avoid making worldwide news about Iran’s situations for living.

Economic Effects ​

One of the most important worldwide economic effects start on the price of the oil as The Saudi state operator of oil airports has interrupted the transit of ships through the Strait of Hormuz. which means 20% of the world’s oil supply crosses the Strait of Hormuz, a step between The Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, and any disturbance of container traffic could also affect energy markets. In addition to rising fuel prices, protest and a power war inside of Iran had years divided so lost experts say … you want to unite insiders fight against outsiders.

In conclusion

Even if those countries are not considering a war, jus with a war warning creates destabilization in the economy and worldwide alert that makes decreasing investment, increasing prices and threats between those countries and allies which mean economy volatile market to invest and uncountable negative effects further than the economy.

Donald Trump