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What is the VerifieD Robot? (

You might have seen the website or a picture of it online, as it has become very viral during the last few weeks. The VerifieD Robot is an online trading software dedicated specifically to trade Crypto Currencies. As its name says it, it is a Robot that will trade automatically for you. Even though the VerifieD Robot looks very legit to be honest, there are a few aspects that don’t allow us to recommend it. In this article we will analyze them. As usual, we recommend you to check our TRUSTED SYSTEMS in case you are interested in a software that trades automatically for you. If you rather go with manual trading, check the FREE BLW Signal Alert, or the BLW Turbo Signal Alert, which are very accurate and successful, and will allow you to trade with any broker you prefer. Let’s get to the review.

VerifieD Robot

The first thing we need to cover is the fact that the VerifieD Robot is using FAKE RESULTS on their website. This is a very old strategy that scammers have used over the last few years, and that has been able to trick many novice traders fall into their trap. The reviews we see on their website are not true.

All they do is to get a stock photo, which most of the time are for free, and then paste it on the website and write any profit they want next to it. It is a very lame technique to attract newbies, but unfortunately it does work. Nevertheless, you have to take in consideration that the only way we can verify real results from the VerifieD Robot, would be as we as Binary Living Way always do it with Maximus CryptoBot. Other than that, it is just a bunch of lies.

VerifieD Robot

Good Brokers?

VerifieD RobotWe have to mention the positive factors of the VerifieD Robot as well, to be fair. The brokers they are offering are brokers with good reputation, such as Greenfields Capital, which is a broker I have always used. We can rest assured that our money will be in good hands. So here is where the conclusion in regards to the VerifieD Robot comes along: If they are using FAKE RESULTS and FAKE TESTIMONIALS, but GOOD BROKERS, should I trust them? I really believe you shouldn’t. The reason why is because they are not 100% trustworthy. If you are looking for a 100% trusted software, we recommend you to go with Maximus CryptoBot instead, which has proven to be the most profitable system in the world.



The VerifieD Robot is NOT RECOMMENDED. Even though we don’t have enough arguments to determine whether is a scam or not, we believe it is not worth the risk to go with a software that does not have the same transparency as Maximus CryptoBot or other trusted systems out there. Better to stay away from it. This, as many other scams have been exposed on this website before, which is why we recommend you to check our BLACKLIST to find all the fake softwares and avoid them. Plus, we recommend you to check our TRUSTED SYSTEMS, and choose one from there in case you want to go with an auto trader. Thank you for Reading.

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