President Trump said: “Iran seems to be lowering the tension, which is a good thing for all stakeholders and something really good for the world.” That quote comes after a response from Iran, they responded that from now they would wait to see what we could do in the United States, that means and shows to the world that Iran has no war intentions.

They want to revenge but given an attack on US military forces in Iraq, believe that Iran already takes revenge to United States for ordering the death of their appreciated leader Qasem Soleimani. Iran answered to United States with this attack but has no intention of starting a war.


Iran’s message was sent to United States
This would be his only response. Now they would wait to see what we could do in the United States, which shows that Iran has no revenge intentions given an attack on US military forces in Iraq, believes that.
The experts considered that Iranians revenge with a very measured and symbolic attack, to satisfy their people. Recalls the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, said Tehran alerted them in advance of the missile launch against bases that multiply with the Americans and that were already on high alert.

However, when the White House received the evaluation of the battlefield, confirming that there were no American victims.

What answered United States?

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the teams met again with the president, who received an update on the last evaluation. It was then that Trump lost the final decision of the response to this attack by Iran that suffered criticism, signaling to the advisers that the threat of escalation was off the table.

«They have taken a step back, now we have taken something like a step back,» said a senior administration official. Financial markets like trading would not be affected, if countries in conflict sign tables to avoid a war, from now some effects are represented as the increase in oil and gold prices, the raw materials market strongly reflected the increase in tension in the Middle East after the death of General Soleimani.
The conflict between Iran and United States has warned the entire word and economy is the first affected just a first sign is: the West Texas crude, a benchmark in the United States, raised its pre-US $ 63 per barrel, the highest levels since last May.
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