Traders Vendetta SCAM Review

Traders Vendetta is a Forex SCAM that was recently launched by Robert Parker, supposedly. The front video is the story as to how Robert, the owner and creator of the Traders Vendetta SCAM, started off trading Forex after wasting years and years at a low-profit job. However, the Traders Vendetta SCAM is definitely not the solution for anyone looking to make money online. In this article, we will go over some facts, signs and warnings that you have to take in consideration, and you will understand why The Binary Living Way family does not recommend this software. Before you start reading this review, please note that the only systems or autotraders that we recommend are on THIS LIST. There, you will be able to find a large list of features and benefits that you can get out of trading, starting with a very low investment, and the path to get to thousands of dollars in profit. Let’s get to the review.

Traders Vendetta

What is the Traders Vendetta SCAM?

Again, the founder is Robert M. Parker, though we are not sure this person exists. We will get into details about that later on. The Traders Vendetta SCAM offers you an automated trading software that will buy orders for you, (profitable orders) so that you will only have to enjoy the earnings. Sadly, this “software” does not mention the strategy as to how they will accomplish such promise. Instead, they just go over a sad-happy story as to how Robert made a lot of money with his own Forex Trading Strategy. We did try to research for more information that would lead us to the actual strategy the Traders Vendetta SCAM would use after joining their scammy site, but we could not find anything online. We definitely cannot trust and rely only on what their own website says. Sadly for them, there is no information about their technique on the web.

$2,347 each day?

This is one of the promises that the Traders Vendetta SCAM is making on their official website. The first question we have to answer is: Is this possible? The answer is Yes. The second question we have to answer is: Can the Traders Vendetta SCAM do that for me? The answer is No. There are ways to get to over $2K in profit every day, but it is not something done 100% automatically, and it is not something done in a matter of hours, unless your investment funds are significantly big. In fact, we are able to see profits around $2,000 with Maximus Edge Autobot, the BEST Binary Options auto trader, but the amount on each trade was big, and it took some time to build an account with a balance that could afford those trades. The Traders Vendetta SCAM does not have the accuracy needed on their signals in order to get you to the same level. We were able to get this from the many emails (complaints) we receive on a weekly basis about this crappy app.

Traders Vendetta

Fake Trades?

There is a part on the Traders Vendetta SCAM’s website, where they show “live trades” from random people. They are all profitable, which is not something we see in the real world when we talk about Forex. The method they use, is just to add random names with random profit amounts on their site. The reason the Traders Vendetta SCAM does this, is simply to trick newbies and novice traders, and get them excited and convinced to deposit with them. The reality is that they don’t have any good result to show, because there are no users having good results with this bogus software.

Fake Testimonials

Lastly, the Traders Vendetta SCAM used the very common and a dumb strategy of adding fake pictures, with big profit amounts, and posting them as “testimonials” of the current users. They are obviously not real and just make the site look as a complete fraud. The Traders Vendetta SCAM is a software created most likely by previous scammers, using the same bogus strategy to engage new traders into their fraudulent scheme. Sadly, many people, who have no experience on the subject, and that do not read this review, fall into their trap and end up losing money. Our biggest recommendation as a friend, is to stay away from the Traders Vendetta SCAM.


The Traders Vendetta SCAM is 100% a BOGUS SCAM. Stay away from it and keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket. We always recommend you to go with a trusted and TESTED Binary Options, Forex or Crypto Trading Software. Jumping into Crypto Trading is the smartest move as a day trader right now, so you should consider that option. Check out our Trusted Auto Traders and join any of them with all the confidence in the world. Check out our YouTube Channel in order to watch videos of proof that these systems are profitable. Also, check out the SCAM REVIEWS in order to be aware of other scams like the Traders Vendetta SCAM, and stay on the safe side. Thank you for reading.

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