Recently a software called The crypto code has been launched which indicates that you can earn in only one day $ 15,000; telling you: “Unleash the power of the crypto currency and become a millionaire”, which is definitely a scam, since it is impossible to earn that amount of money in such a short time.

Yes, they say that thanks to their software you can become a millionaire person in a month, but, to be honest, I have my doubts about it and I will explain why in the next paragraphs.

So you need to a research about this software, to know what it is, how it works, since no software generates so much money, so if you do not want to be scammed I recommend you read this article so you really know what it is, Without more to say, let’s start the review.

Really know what The Crypto Code is about:

As I said before, I have several doubts about how reliable the crypto code software is, and for that reason I will show you some of the warning signs about the software: They say they are the future of online commerce using the cryptocurrency market in rapid expansion, that its members are the lucky few who have taken advantage of this opportunity to invest and have made a fortune from the comfort of their own homes, also comment that the software is suitable for all, which indicates that it is a scam and that nobody can generate so much money in a short time, without having experience. Indicate that you only have to complete the form which does not ask for more information, and you will automatically start earning money, which has a 24/7 service, but nowhere does it indicate who you should contact if you have any questions, what tells you that it is an anonymous website. But if you check the software The Crypto Code does not have any type of license or permit: this is one of the things that made me feel worried about The Crypto Code software, this is because all the programs must have an adequate license, because that this is necessary for each software. In the disclaimer of responsibility and risk terms indicate: That it can generate significant profits, but that it is highly speculative and implies a high level of risk that can result in a partial or total loss of funds, whereas before they assured that it could turn you millionaire with just a few clicks. They even show you a table of trade results verified live, which tells you the gain they have had, and this table changes constantly, but if you look at it, it is just a presentation, which is repeated over and over again. They also tell you that it is totally free, but the moment you register, they will tell you that every business has to have an income and that the more you deposit the greater your profit, and without any doubt, you will lose all your money.

Why The Crypto Code testimonials are totally false?

We know that it is extremely important that before purchasing a software the first thing that interests you is knowing, if other people have used it and how much money they have generated, but careful the testimonials of this software are false. Some of the people you see here do not appear only in this software, but in many others, commenting on the amazing life they have thanks to this wonderful software.

Who is Derrick Simmons CEO?

When investigating this person in google I realized it is an actor, film director, producer, doubles artist, music producer an American businessman, who appears in many videos with the same testimony which indicates that they only change the name to the software to be able to scam people. This means that the people who manage the website have hired him so he can lie to him you, since the sole objective of the people who manage the website is to steal all the money that you will invest with them. In the video on the website The Crypto Code, note that it is a motivational video: Because at no time indicates the instructions to use the software and says: If you join the software you will have the house, the car of your dreams and that you can travel a lot around the world, but everything they say is a lie because they only want to convince you to join their software, a software that is not reliable and that is not legal. As you have just seen, the Crypto Code software video has many warning signs and you should pay close attention, but wants to be scammed and steal all your money. But unfortunately with the software The Crypto Code the bad news does not end here, this is because I will show you other things that generate mistrust about the website in the next paragraph. About the website of The Crypto Code: something strange that I found while visiting the website, was that they do not have any information to explain exactly how they are going to help us, we do not know anything about them. Therefore, once again, they are not a reliable website..

The conclusion about the software The Crypto Code:

After everything I discovered on that website, I can only say that it is a scam and a waste of time and money, so, please, never invest with that software, I advise you to look for other more legitimate trading tools, Thank you for reading this article and, I hope I have helped you.

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