Bitcoin and Skrill Payment method

Bitcoins and Skrill are one of the most international wallet sources for exchange your currencies and help you to trade as it is well globalized. Both are great payment methods but the problem is that some people just find a tool and opportunity to make scams.

Even if If they have controls to search any suspicious activity in any of their account’s scammers continue operating with skrill. They have a full right to hold the funds and ban the user permanently without informing the user. Even though It needs to provide a better secure environment for all the users.

Don´t get scammed

I want to be part of a safe community of traders, for that reason, I´m always searching proofs to exposed scammers as the fake signals group of the Fake Cristian AP. I have been monitoring this group, and we founded that He is just copying BLW Signals from the group that I already a member paying a subscription for monthly payment $29.99 and they are posting on this group on telegram.  Copying 7-10 delayed signals that we receive from the original group we receive more than 150 Signals in real-time per week.


Here is how the scam works:

Basically, this person just copies signals that BLW Signal providers post on the exclusive site (is not a telegram channel, and after just past them to this telegram group.



Don´t get scammed by a fake Cristian AP

Since BLW Signals Group has been launched, a fake group on telegram start to adding members with a fake user name BLW Signals Group created in the name of Cristian APBLW, so this scammer still his identity. Never talk with this fake Cristian user name on telegram! @CristianAPBLW this is the creator of the scam group.

If you deposit or transfer your money to his account with a fake email address, he will never write you again he is just taking your money and is impossible you can receive any service that this scammer promised you

You should avoid any broker which is using Moneybookers a.k.a. Skrill because it is a clear indication that the broker is SCAMMER too.

The platform to get signals from signal providers of BLW will never ask you those payment methods they just allowed credit card or PayPal which means your cards or your PayPal account will be free from scammers.

As a member of our BLW Signals group you don’t only get signals on real-time we are receiving more than 150 ITM Signals per week, that you can use if you trade in Binary Options or  Forex signals,  also I have been trained by him on his academy, the last but not least is the support, I love finding solutions on chat or email since I don’t have too much time, I never get frustrated with any issue they always solve any question or concern that I have.

How to recognize a fake group or channel

Messages and groups are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to distinguish from legitimate usernames or name of channels I trust that you are smart and you will detect scammers to spot a fake telegram or email looking for a combination of red flags. In this example, notice:


  1. Email address: The email address of the sender does not include the a domain name, instead of using something like this email or username on telegram Cristian APBLW


  1. Urgent call to action: In my experience fake Cristian AP was constantly writing me as my personal telegram in order to ask me a payment for $50 with a skrill or bitcoin payment method. The real Cristian will never contact you directly to ask or beg for money. He is a famous YouTuber and I´m sure he´s such a busy person and difficult to contact directly every person on his personal telegram user ID.


  1. Suspicious URL or Group on telegram: The official group of BLW has the URL: and the company site of BLW is  groups or sites with a different domain could be a fraudulent website. If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer, you can check a link’s URL by hovering over it with your cursor, and the URL will show in your browser window



4. Payment Method: This group or fake Cristian AP will ask you payments with bitcoins or skrill. By the way, his prices are EXPENSIVE! Monthly $50 Is unbelievable that he is asking close to the double of the price for a copy of BLW signals.







How to avoid being scammed!

If you are in doubt about a site, video or group I recommend you contact This is to confirm if it is legitimate. As a trading writer I want to warn you about those scammers, my goal is every trader will be free

I´m very sorry for the people are being scammed in the name of the real Cristian AP and or in the name of services that he has created with the best intentions to help traders to achieve their personal goals, I´m sure trading or receiving signals is a positive thing is changing lives, helping you to pay medical services, scholarship financial, and people is buying new houses. So please be smart and detect scammers.