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Today in this article we are going to show you a review of the Safe Income software, which is a completely waste of money and time. It is probably that if you are new in the Bitcoins business or even if you are an expert, you get amazed about all the supposedly “benefits” and all the “advantages” that the software offers you. And for that reason we decided to make this article, to help you to know absolutely all the truth that is behind that software, how do the scam works, what the software is and a lot of things more that I ensure you are going to help you to stay away of that software.

My recommendation for you is please, read this entire article in order to understand why I am telling you that the software is a scam and why it is necessary for you to stay away of that software. Without more to say, I think it is time to start with the review, let’s get to the article.

The first question I would like to answer you is very important. What the Safe Income software exactly is.

Apparently, the Safe Income Software is based on a number of successful arbitrage trading strategies which generates its members $500 to $1000 in daily incomes they say. But how is possible to make all that big amount of money in just a day? Where all those monies come from? They never explain us anything about them, which is very suspicious and it shows us that the software is just a scam.


Plus, they say that the Safe Income Software has the amazing ability of trading for its members 100% on autopilot and at the same time delivering the same manually trading results expert traders reach on their own. That means that is not necessary for you to be an expert if you want to trade with their software. But that is not possible, because if you do not know anything about the Bitcoins software is not going to be possible for you to trade with them. They are just telling you all these things to make you think that you are going to have the possibility to become a millionaire person with them when is not.

Now that you know how the Safe Income software works does, I am going to show you some of the things that show us that the software is no more than a scam and a waste of money and time, let’s see.

They show you several fake testimonials.

If you go and visit the Safe Income software’s website and if you go to the testimonials section you are going to be able to see that they show you several testimonies, but all those testimonials are fake.

We can see comments like: “I’ve been trying to make money on-line for 4 ½ years now, Safe Income Software has been the only thing that has worked for me… love you guys!” or comments like: “I signed up just for fun and now it’s my main income! It’s funny how life works… my weekly income has exploded to over $3,200…”

But let me tell you that all those comments are fake, the people who is behind the Safe Income software’s website just stole some random pictures to put it beside the comments and to make you think that you are going to become a millionaire with them. All those comments are not real, they just want to persuade you to join their software and they want that you invest your money with them so they can steal it.

And, on the Safe Income software’s website, there is no information enough that allow us to know who exactly they are.

While I was doing my research for this review, I was not able to found any information that allows me to know who exactly they are and how supposedly are going to help us to make big amounts of money. This software is full of lies, they just want to persuade us to make us make a deposit with them so after that they can steal all our money. And this is the reason why they first tell us that the software is for free, because they want that we join their software.

And after we join that software they are going to tell us that is necessary to make an investment with them, and after we make the investment they are going to steal us all our money. This is because at the moment that you make your investment with them, the broker who was assigned to you is going to receive a commission for the money that you deposit and they are going to forget all the promises that they made you before. So, there is no way that you can become a millionaire person with them because they just want your money.

The Safe Income software’s website is anonymous.

One of the things that is important to know before we decide to join any software is if that software is anonymous or not. And a website becomes anonymous when there is nothing that allows you to contact the people who is behind that software, when there is not any email or any phone number that allows you to contact with them. And unfortunately, that is the case of the Safe Incomes software’s website.


If you go to the bottom of the Safe Income Software’s website you are going to see that they never show us any email or any phone number. So, if we have some doubts about the software or what is worse, if a problem happens with our money, (which is going to happen because the software is a scam) we are not going to be able to contact them. And they did not bring us any email or any phone, address because that is their objective, to be anonymous and to steal our money.


After all the proofs that I found about the Safe Income software I just want to tell you that you need to stay away of that software because is a scam. That website is anonymous and they just want to steal all your money while you think you are going to become a millionaire. That was all, thanks for reading.

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Safe Income software Review
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