Real Profit – Bogus SCAM Exposed

Real Profit is nothing but another name on a long list of SCAM softwares that we have exposed on this website in the past. In fact, Real Profit is definitely one of the weakest, yet damaging fraud schemes in the Crypto Currencies world. The way they operate is to offer an automated trading system for Crypto Trading. This means that you won’t have to do anything, except for trusting your money to a group of thieves that will not return any profit to you. As usual, we recommend you to check our TRUSTED SYSTEMS in case you are interested in a software that trades automatically for you. If you rather go with manual trading, check the FREE BLW Signal Alert, or the BLW Turbo Signal Alert, which are very accurate and successful, and will allow you to trade with any broker you prefer. Let’s get to the review.

Real Profit

What is the Real Profit SCAM?

Well, as we mentioned before, they are a scam, but the real question is: How do they operate? The answer is as a fully automated trading system. The way the Real Profit SCAM works is that you will join their software with a minimum deposit, but you will never be able to touch your money again. They will be the ones trading on your behalf. This is okay if the system is profitable, such as BinBot Pro, for example. But in the case of the Real Profit SCAM, we were not able to find any information regarding profits from them. We digged on the web and contacted some “victims” of their trap, and they all say the same thing: The Real Profit SCAM is not profitable at all. Some witnesses claimed that they lost their initial investment in less than one day.

Real Profit

Any GOOD Testimonial?

No that we know of. Unfortunately, the Real Profit SCAM has been able to cheat people since they were launched, and they have not been caught by the authorities. This is mostly because they are using an email marketing tactic to get to their victims. You won’t see any YouTube Video, or even screenshots of real people making money with the Real Profit SCAM, and this is basically because they don’t have ANY MEMBER MAKING MONEY whatsoever. In addition, the complaints also mentioned that once we deposit with them, they will never answer any type of contact. This only leads us to think that the Real Profit SCAM only needs your deposit to run away. Once you deposit, you will never see your money again.

Real Profit

Website Testimonials?

Yes, they are also fake. The Real Profit SCAM only copied and pasted a few random pictures on their website and added a nice-looking script next to it. The people in those photos are not traders, investors or even users of the Real Profit SCAM. This strategy is very common on well-known scams, such as the ones we have on our BLACKLIST.

US and Canada?

The Real Profit SCAM claims privately that they accept US and Canada traders. This is a big NO-NO in the trading world. As we all know, there is no software credited to take US Traders according to the CFTC rules. The only software that accepts clients worldwide, is BinBot Pro. For this reason, we really don’t think you should trust the Real Profit SCAM.



You should not trust the Real Profit SCAM, as it is now 100% EXPOSED. Try to avoid emails that will probably come to you if you are an active trader. They will be showing you bank statements and withdrawals of thousands of dollars, but they are all fake. This, as many other scams have been exposed on this website before, which is why we recommend you to check our BLACKLIST to find all the fake softwares and avoid them. Plus, we recommend you to check our TRUSTED SYSTEMS, and choose one from there in case you want to go with an auto trader. Thank you for Reading.

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