Crypto Currency Institute – Honest Review

The Crypto Currency Institute is a website that “provides” education for day traders around the globe. Basically, they sell a large number of books, along with a few FREE videos to show you how you can trade. It has a very good reputation on the web and it is ranked very high on the search engines. In this article, we are going to discuss a few features that are making this system very popular, and that you might want to consider visiting their site as well. We have got to mention that this is most likely a product for those of you who like manual trading instead of autotrading. Let’s get to the review.

Crypto Currency Institute

What is the Crypto Currency Institute

The Crypto Currency Institute, or Crypto Currency Codex, is an educational program to help us understand more the world of crypto. THIS IS NOT A SOFTWARE OR A ROBOT. In fact, one of the most outstanding features of this educational program is that they are 100% transparent about what they offer and clear about what they don’t offer. We believe many people have asked them about account management or combined trading accounts. Nevertheless, the Crypto Currency Institute states very clear on their website the following:

“Please understand that Crypto Currency Institute does NOT accept deposits and will not conduct trades on for you. We ONLY provide education and software about how to trade the crypto market.”

This is absolutely a plus when we think about joining any type of program, since we are clearly dealing with an honest company. The Crypto Currency Institute states as well that they don’t take deposits to avoid people getting confused as to think that they will be able to trade with a certain broker. They offer their service for a one time charge non-related to any trading account. Therefore, if you are going to join them, you will have to choose your broker separately.

What does the Crypto Currency Institute offer?

  1. PDF Educational Material

Crypto Currency InstituteWe are sure that reading is not one of the most loved practices for day traders. We all love to watch videos and have things explained to us in the easiest possible way. However, the Crypto Currency Institute offers a large list of educational books in PDF. This is, again, a big plus for the program, as they are not only looking to sell something, but they are selling something extremely useful. We verified the content of the eBooks and the information is priceless. The majority of those learning books are 100% FREE.

2. Training Videos

Crypto Currency InstituteThis is the part we love. The Crypto Currency Institute offers another large list of education, but also on videos, which are a lot easier to learn from. I am speaking on behalf of those of you who don’t like reading, because me personally (Cristian AP) I love reading. The Crypto Currency Institute offers very informative and complete videos to the audience, and again, 100% FREE. This is pure gold, if we take in consideration that education is all in the trading world. Additionally, you will have access to more exclusive content in the paid area.

Crypto Currency Institute

In the image above, you can see the index of the Crypto Currency Institute, which we believe is very complete and full of great information. In addition to all the educational programs, the Crypto Currency Institute offers different signal platforms, such as Volume Hunter, ARBFX and Crypto Trend Signals, among others. You can visit their official website here to enjoy the FREE content.


The Crypto Currency Institute is not a SCAM, and it is definitely recommended by the Binary Living Way family. Click here to visit their Homepage. Additionally, we encourage you to check all of their free information, which you will find very helpful on your day-to-day trading. Plus, we recommend you to check our TRUSTED SYSTEMS, and choose one from there in case you want to go with an auto trader. Thank you for Reading.

What Is New With BinBot Pro?

So I got this question just as you see in the tittle: What is new with Binbot Pro? I really thought I would answer the email immediately saying what I have found out about it, and maybe explain a few tips to make some extra cash using the robots, but I really got stuck at the part of “thinking of the answer”. I decided to write a post about “What’s New” with BinBot Pro and that way answer many common questions I have gotten in the past few days. You can visit BinBot Pro and Join FREE here.BinBot Pro

What happened in the past?

BinBot Pro

The first I want to clarify is what happened in the past with BinBot Pro and the reason why I stopped using it. If you are a new follower of the Binary Living Way channel, website and family, you probably don’t know that around 9 months ago I used BinBot Pro and made good money out of it. Unfortunately, about 8 months ago I stopped using it, and I even recommended people not to use it anymore. I even showed proof of why I didn’t trust BinBot Pro anymore.

Anyways, the reason is that they kind of “manipulated” the trades so that we could lose money. Sadly, the robots that were making me a lot of money, started to make me lose it. The real problem, turns out, were not the robots, but the brokers. Finrally and BinaryMate were the authors of this bogus crime. The robots were using the same winning algorithm, but the brokers were changing the charts to make us lose. Bottom line, I stopped using BinBot Pro.

What happened now?

As you can see if you go to the Official Website of BinBot Pro, they have changed brokers, and now they don’t work with either Finrally or BinaryMate. Therefore, there are no more system glitches. Now that I have tested the xProfit robot, for example, the one I used to make more money with, I have been able to make a few hundred dollars in just a couple of sessions.

BinBot Pro

Raceoption uses the same platform as Finrally!

Do you remember SpotOption? It was a trading platform that many brokers used to have. These brokers were the top brokers, such as TopOption, the actual SpotOption broker and many other, either regulated or not. Same thing happened to Finrally and Raceoption; they are both using the same trading platform, yet they are different companies, which is a relief for us.

BinBot Pro

Is it worth it now?

Yes. BinBot Pro has always been worth it. In fact, it is one of the longest lasting trading systems in the world, especially for its good performance. Sadly, the brokers they were working with messed up with traders’ accounts, but now it’s all good. I am personally using it and I am very happy with the results. Thankfully, now we have 3 good brokers to choose from: Raceoption, VideForex and BinaryCent. The deposit is the same for the 3 of them: $250. So now that you know the truth, you can make a more informed decision. You can open a FREE account for BinBot Pro HERE. If you are not sure as to how this robot works, email me to and I will be more than happy to clarify all of your questions. Also, watch my videos on my YouTube Channel to be synced to any strategy I apply on them. Thanks for reading.