Recently a new Trading Software has been launched with the name of Netflix Revolution which makes reference that it is not necessary to trade with the stock market that at the moment that this is falling, the Trading software can sell their shares, which is totally a Scam.

First people have to start by knowing that it is a CDFs it is a contract by difference is a contract between two parties, the buyer and the seller, which stipulates that the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the current value of an underlying asset (stocks, indices, currencies, bonds among others) at the time of termination of the contract (if the difference is negative, then the buyer will pay the seller) but as we see here only says that Netflix Revolution is only profit which is totally a scam.

This Trading software is a bogus for people to acquire it as the best money maker of 2019 since there is no more effective Trading software since in 2018 they increase their income in a way, impressing and that their analysts have no doubt that they increase much more during the course of this year.

They try to sell this Trading software telling people that Netflix is ​​a constant entertainment, that you can choose without any inconvenience, choose what to watch and now, this gigantic online media service provider that has taken the world by assault can improve your life even more making him earn a lot of money which is totally false.

That in just one year he has presented impressive quarterly earnings reports, and that more important than his number of subscribers he has raised impressively, Netflix investors had several good reasons to be happy during the past year, and with The company’s next expansion plans are expected to remain cheerful for another year.

We have done an investigation and the evidence that we find does one thing and only one thing, confirms that the application that the Trading software is a Total Scam. That is why we are here doing a review of the Trading Software scam at this moment, whose purpose is to warn you fairly. This is nothing more than a Scam, it is here only to steal your money, and if you are not careful, it will do just that. In a malicious, dangerous and theft, are just some words that when talking about this trade application of Netflix Revolution.

What is Netflix Revolution

Netflix Revolution is a Trading software that is the simplest way for ordinary people to negotiate shares, products and currency pairs where it ensures that it gives them the power to negotiate against movements in the price of shares without buying or actually sell the physical shares. And that even millions of people have acquired this Trading software from private traders around the world are faced with the major investment companies of Wall Street and the City of London.


It does not matter if you have the resources of the great players, but you do have access to the same markets, to the equality of conditions and that essential element: intuition, as we have said, no Trading software will generate money by intuition. realize that this Trading software is totally false.

How Netflix Revolution works

This is a Trading software ensures to be fast and accesible which is a scam since it indicates that you should not have the need to trade from a stockbroker. Ensures that at the time the markets are falling you can use the Trading software to be able to sell your shares that easy

Here it indicates that there are some simple steps that have to be followed but only by looking at the form you can see that it is a bogus, since this Trading software does not even have a contact number to which people can apply to solve your doubts.

There are many false testimonials about Netflix Revolution

There is no doubt that testimonials are essential when wanting to try something new because what you want is to increase your finances, but there are many people who are willing to lie saying that this new Trading software has changed their lives and their finances They have increased impressively, which is totally false, and they do it is the simple fact that many people get to have a Trading software no matter that this does not work as promised. Many people say that for the constant entertainment that this has generated because they feel free to choose what they see.

There is even a video where you can see a paid actor Michael-John Wolte where he says that thousands of people have subscribed and generated thousands of dollars and that he even mentions how great the Trading software is, which is totally false that Netflix Revolution is the best company and technology that you have known that even that is bigger and famous than Apple and Google, this Trading Software can generate many opportunities and thousands of dollars, where it indicates that there have been many subscribers and many more are subscribing, as Netflix has been in the market for approximately 10 years


You can simply see that Netflix Revolution is a Trading Software is a scam, since it says with you with the intuition that you can generate a lot of money since this Trading software does not comply with what you say and could leave you without a penny of your capital. Think hard and do not get this Trading software. If you really want to earn extra money we recommend you watch this video.



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