Maximus Edge AutoBot Review

Why would we say that? First, in this article we are going to cover all the features of this brand-new auto trader, and by “all of the features” we mean all the features.

If you have read any information about Maximus Edge AutoBot, and you have not joined yet, you might be missing a piece of information that is making you hesitate to join the software and start using it. Whatever that is, that is stopping you from signing up, you will find the answer here, which is why we highly encourage you to read until the end. Maximus Edge AutoBot has now changed the rules of every other auto trader. In fact, it is probably about time to see scammers hating Maximus Edge AutoBot, simply because of the development team that created finally a real BINARY OPTIONS SOFTWARE, and not a gambling software as all the scams out there. But enough of general details. Let’s get to the full review.

What is Maximus Edge AutoBot?

The auto trader was created by an Asian guy named Max, who claims that people call him Maximus. He does not mention it in the video, but we believe that is the reason of the name of this new Binary Options robot. Maximus Edge AutoBot is a Semi-Auto Trader, which is exactly what we, the Binary Living Way Family, believe that is the best trading format for newbies and experienced traders.
The reason why we think a semi-automated system is better than a fully automated system is because we like to have control over our trading account. With Maximus Edge AutoBot you will be able to choose which trades to take, and which ones to avoid. Magical, right?

Maximus Edge AutoBot is an Auto Trader created using 4 different trading indicators:

  1. RSI
  2. MACD
  3. CCI
  4. Stochastic
  5. Bollinger Bands

Although we know that you might not have a clue about what those indicators are if you are a newbie, we can tell from our own experience that those are 5 of the most profitable indicators in Binary Options, and trading in general. If you are an experienced trader, you already know that the fact that Maximus Edge AutoBot could use these indicators combined makes it a very powerful trading tool.

Why is Maximus Edge AutoBot not a SCAM?

The answer is very simple, but we will show it to you in 4 different features:

  1. There are no fake promises: Scams use this technique to cheat newbies and people with big desires of making money. They guarantee you huge returns on your investment in no time, which is just a fat lie to get you sign up. Maximus Edge AutoBot in fact, tells you that they will not promise you to make you rich, but they do tell you that you can make a consistent profit using the software.
  2. No Fake Testimonials: We know Maximus Edge AutoBot is a good auto trader, due to the integration of great trading tools into its algorithm. However, you don’t see any fake reviews or fake testimonials on its website, telling you crazy stories about them getting rich with the robot. We all know that those fake actors were paid to lie in front of a camera.
  3. Transparency: There are many scams out there that you might not even know of, but we have seen a lot of auto traders, that not only have terrible results, but that doesn’t tell people they are indeed auto traders. Why do they do that? They stay on the shady side and want you to invest in them, without even knowing what you are getting into. Maximus Edge AutoBot is very clear and specific when they explain what the system is about.
  4. No Registration Fee: We have also seen a lot of new Binary Options systems lately that require an upfront fee so that you can join their program. Regardless if it is an educational program or an auto trader, an upfront charge without showing any result is a clear sign of a scam. Maximus Edge AutoBot is offering the software for FREE right now, although we don’t know how long it will remain like that. We do hope it is free for at least a couple of weeks, so that the most people can join for free. We can’t imagine a software like this charging a low amount for its services.

Will I have to do an analysis?

No. Maximus Edge AutoBot will do that analysis for you, and in fact, Max claims that they will filter the most accurate signals to reduce risk of losing money. Since you will have control on your trades, meaning that they won’t be placed unless you click on the buttons to do so, you will be able to place one, two or three trades at a time, which is what we recommend you do, so that you have a good money management behavior. If you are a new trader, or don’t want to do any trading analysis, Maximus Edge AutoBot is for you.

Does BLW trust Maximus Edge AutoBot?

Yes. We believe that any software that is so transparent on their goals, their strategies and they don’t promise any crazy things, such as making you rich in a matter of weeks, then it is a trusted software. As usual, this website will post results on the trading software to share the experience with all the traders. Nevertheless, we can say upfront that we are dealing with a unique and excellent trading software.


Maximus Edge AutoBot has convinced us that they will satisfy all trader’s expectations. If you are a novice trader and want to make profit, but don’t have experience on manual trading, JOIN MAXIMUS EDGE AUTOBOT HERE. If you are an experienced trader, but don’t have the time, the patience or the desire to trade manually, but you still want to make money in Binary Options, you should also join Maximus Edge AutoBot. You should certainly take advantage now that the software is free, since we don’t have a date when the software will not be free anymore. Stay connected to our YouTube Channel to see results, and check the article on, or if you speak Spanish, check Thank you for reading.

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