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Maximus CryptobotSo, the main issue we all faced when we join Maximus CryptoBot was the fact that we didn’t know if we had to choose Maximus Edge AutoBot, which is the first version, or Maximus CryptoBot, which is the new version. Well, now that we have seen the features of both softwares we know which one is better for us. Nevertheless, we still faced some problems.

Maximus CryptoBot – UK NOT ACCEPTED?

Yes, I am not kidding. UK was not allowed by Maximus CryptoBot for a long time, which is CRAZY! I got so many emails saying that they were not able to register with Maximus CryptoBot from UK, Ireland and some other parts of Europe. This was a bummer, and we were all very sad about it. However, the new upgrade that Maximus CryptoBot has implemented on their system has fixed that erro. Not only people from UK, but from many other countries are now allowed on Maximus CryptoBot.

*US and Canada Traders are not allowed as per CFTC Rules

What’s new?

There were a lot of signals at the same time on the Maximus CryptoBot dashboard, and people were getting confused as to which ones to take and which ones to ignore. The new upgrade has helped this issue to stop. Now we only see a few signals, available in our brokers, and with a longer expiry. This is for sure a huge plus, taking in consideration that Turbos were not being taken. CFD Trading will not allow turbo trades whatsoever.

The popup signals have always been an option, but I highly recommend you to take the ones on the dashboard, as you will be able to do a technical and fundamental analysis first, before taking the trade. This will increase the probability of being in the money at the end of your trade.

==> Click Here to get the NEW VERSION of Maximus CryptoBot


Maximus CryptoBot is just getting better and better. Check the new version and let me know your thoughts. Plus, check my live sessions on my YouTube Channel to be always updated with any changes we have.

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