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The Green Leaf Fortune is the software which is promising a lot of people the necessary help to become millionaire persons. “The legalization of cannabis across North America provides us with the moneymaking opportunity we have all been waiting for, ” they say, but what can guarantee us that? We do not have anything that guarantees us that with their help we are going to become millionaire persons. Plus, if we go and see their presentation video, we can see that they are talking about how cannabis legalization is helping a lot of people all over the world to become a millionaire, and all that thanks to their software too, but how is that possible? They never explain us anything. Although we agree that the Bitcoins world has a lot of potential at this moment, we can almost guarantee you that the Green Leaf Fortune is not the right way to become a successful person.  For that reason I recommend you to read this entire article in order to understand why is the Green Leaf Fortune blacklisted and remember that Sharing is Caring, so use the Share buttons on the left side of the page to share it on your social media accounts. So, now, let’s get to the article.

Why is the Green Leaf Fortune software not trusted?

If you are a novice trader, or even an experienced trader that had not seen an offer like this, you might get surprised, excited, shocked, or even convinced of testing this robot, when you see that there is a possibility of become a millionaire for free. But unfortunately I have to tell you that all that they say about that website’s software is not true and I am going to explain you why in the next paragraphs.

First of all, they say that the Green Leaf Fortune software is totally for free and that you do not need to spend any quantity of money on their software, but they are lying to you. They are lying you because to join their software and supposedly to start making money with them you need to deposit a quantity of money with the broker they assigned to you when you register. The most common quantity that you need to deposit is usually $250, which apparently you are going to use to trade exclusively. But like I was telling you before, they are just lying to you because once you make a deposit in their account, the broker which was assigned to you is going to receive a commission for your deposit. And after that they are going to forget the promise that they make you before, they are never going to help you to become a millionaire because all that want is to steal your money.

Also, I think is very important to know It is important that you know what the Green Leaf Fortune software is.

So, the Green Leaf Fortune software is a get-rich scheme which apparently is going to give you all the necessary tools to help you to become a millionaire person on a very easy way because they say that thanks to their software you are going to be able to purchase a CFD agreement. But what is the meaning of CFD agreement? CFD agreement means contracting for difference.

So, basically they say that thanks to that CFD agreement you are going to be able to predict the value of a share over a period of time, so apparently if you predict that the Green Leaf Fortune software is going to grow. You would then purchase a Green Leaf Fortune CFD predicts the share’s will go up within a certain timeframe. Now if they do, you have the possibility to make a big quantity of money just by doing that.

And they say that CFD’s are more profitable than shares; that is because you can leverage the small amounts of money you invest, which is going to allow you to make big quantities of money and in a very fast way as opposed to buying shares which are more expensive, limited and take a lot of time to grow. That is the way they are lying to you.

But the problem starts here.

The Green Leaf Fortune is a scam because they are only trying to sell you fake Forex and CFD contracts so you can make a deposit with them and after that they are going to forget all the promises that they make you before and basically they are going to steal all the money that you are going to invest with them.

Here some other proofs that shows us that the Green Leaf Fortune is definitely a scam, a waste of money and a waste of time.

First, is just a copy of other software which is a scam too.

Yes, the Green Leaf Fortunes software is just a copy of other software which is called Cannabis Millionaire Trader, and that software is a scam too, if you go and visit that website’s software you are going to see that on both websites they say exactly the same. They show you the same video, and what is worse, both websites are trying to sell you the same fake CFD contracts. So, it is probably that both websites were created by the same person with one and only objective, steal all the money that you are going to invest with them thanks that they promise you to become a millionaire with their software.

They are an anonymous website.

This means that if a problem happens there is no way to contact the people who is behind the Green Leaf Fortune software, so apparently they think all very well before they decide to make this scam. Because once they steal your money, and you notice that they are not going to help you, you will not have any way that allow you to contact them. And I say this because they do not have a contact us section which usually is at the bottom of the website. I search in all the website and I did not find anything that allows people to contact them, so they are anonymous.


The Green Leaf Fortune is 100% a scam. We highly recommend you to stay away from them and never look back. They have scammed many people already, which is the reason why we wrote this article. So, do not trust in that software, and thanks for reading this entire article, I hope I have helped you.

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Green Leaf Fortune Review
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