Forex Monarch Scam Review

Have you heard about cryptocurrencies business before? Are you interested in investing with a good software but you do not what software you should try? That can happen because sometimes are softwares that are not trustworthy at all. And that is the reason of this article, because here I am going to show you a real review about a software which claims to be trustworthy but it is not. Yes, the name of that software is Forex Monarch.

So, if you are interested in know more about how the Forex Monarch scam works, my recommendation for you today is, please read this entire article in order to understand everything about that scam. And like always, please remember that sharing is caring so please use the share buttons to share this article on all your social media accounts and help your friends stay away from the Forex Monarch scam too. And now, without anything more to say, let’s start with the review.

First of all, it is very important to know what the Forex Monarch software exactly is

Apparently, the Forex Monarch is a software which claims is going to help you make money on a very easy way that is to their amazing platform. The people who are behind this software says that if you join the software you will be able to earn lots of profits in just seconds. They say they have an effective trading algorithm which is going to allow you know exactly what is the right moment for you to trade, they say that with their software you will have lots of high profit signals and that you will be able to have your dream life. But it is true everything what they say? The answer to this question is no, it is not true. And why I am telling you this? Because during my investigations for this article I was able to find some proofs that will show you what a big scam the Forex Monarch really is.

So, now is time for you to pay special attention because on the next paragraphs I am going to show you some warning signals that I found when I was visiting the Forex Monarch Software, so let’s see.

How the Forex Monarch Software “works”

While I was visiting the Forex Monarch software’s website, I was able to see this: “You simply BUY or SELL when the indicator tells you to. There is NO chart reading. NO technical analysis. NO thinking. Just click BUY or SELL when you’re told to and make money. It’s that simple.” Apparently the way that the software works is so easy, but let me tell you this is just a part of their lies.  And this is because all what they want is to convince you so you can join their software. Of course it is not possible to make a big fortune just by making some clicks, and what about the experience? They are just lying.

“Real” testimonies from people who have tried the Forex Monarch Software

There on the Forex Monarch software’s website, you will be able to see a section which is called: “real testimonials from members”, so apparently in that section you should see real comments from people who tried the software and recommend it to you because it has worked for them. But this is a fake testimonials section, this is because they just have message box with message that themselves wrote. There is not any real comment because the people who already try this software do not recommend it because it was a list of money for them.

Final chance, they say

Another proof of the big scam that the Forex Monarch Software is, is the fact that they say is your final chance to join their software. And believe me, this is just the way how they try to convince you so you can finally join thee Software and they can be able to steal all the money that you will invest with them.

And how do I know this, because I was able to discover how their scam works.

How the Forex Monarch software’s scam works

Yes, like I was telling you before the main objective of the people who are behind the Forex Monarch’s Software is steal your money. And they are going to do this by trying to convince you to join their software. And after you finally join it, they will ask you to make a minimal investment so you can be able to trade. So they are going to assign you a broker so that broker can “help” you with all the process of joining their academy.

But the bad news is that after this, after you invest your money thinking you will be a millionaire person in less than a month, the broker who was  assigned to you is going to revive a part of the money that you invested and all the people who are behind this scam is going to disappear. Yes, they are going to disappear and what is worst, with your money.

And what if you try to contact them?

You are not going to be able to contact this people because the Forex Monarch’s Software has an anonymous website. This means that on the website there is not any kind of information that allows you contact the people who are behind it, so you are never going to be able of recover your money.


After all the information that I just gave you about the Forex Monarch Software, I think you already know what my conclusion about this software is going to be. Of course I do not recommend you to trade with this software. Please do not invest your money on a software like this because it is just a waste of time, please stay away from the Forex Monarch Software. I hope this article have helped you, thanks for reading.

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Forex Monarch Scam Review
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