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The Dream Profits SCAM is promising all its members to make $4,250 in 24 hours. The explanation they give in their presentation video is that Bitcoins are now the millionaire investing opportunity and that thanks to the Dream Profits you are going to have the possibility of become a millionaire person in less than a year. Although I agree that the Bitcoins world has a lot of potential now, I can almost guarantee you that the Bitcoin Code scam is not going to help you to become a successful person, and the reason of that is because the software is no more than a scam.

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First, I would like to explain you what the Dream Profits software supposedly is.

Apparently, the Dream Profits software has a high performing trading technology, which is based on their own super-fast servers located across the globe, which are 10 X faster than the public servers that are generally used by other trading platforms, they say. Plus, they say that their global, super speed fiber network provides low-latency and a massive capacity bandwidth connection, which is going to provide you with super-fast winning trades no matter where you are in the world.

And they  says that thanks to all that I explained you before, you are going to be able to become a millionaire person without any kind of hard work. But how is all that possible? They say that the only thing that we need to do if we want to start to earn money with them is to join their software and that after that we just need to wait for our profits.

But what can guarantee us that?

 Nothing can guarantee us that because the Dream Profits software, is just a scam. For that reason, on the next paragraphs I am going to show you some proofs that are going to convince you to stay away from that software as soon as possible.

On the Dream Profits software you do not need any kind of experience.

If you go and visit the Dream Profits software’s website, you are going to see that they say that is not necessary to be an expert on the Bitcoins business. And they also say that is not necessary to have special skills or any kind of experience in that business. And the reason why they say all that is because supposedly, the Dream Profits software is going to do all the hard work for you.

But let me tell you that all what they say is a lie, if you want to trade in any software, you always are going to need to have at least a little bit of experience. Because how is possible to become a millionaire person if you do not have any idea of what are you doing? That is not possible,

So, this only shows us their real and main objective, all what they want is to persuade us. Yes, they just want to persuade us to join the dream Profits software so they can steal absolutely all our money. And I am going to explain you how the scam works in the next paragraphs.

How the Dream Profits Scam exactly works?

Unfortunately, during my research for this article, I was able to found that the Dream Profits software works exactly the same way as other software which are scams too.

For that reason, I am going to explain you how exactly the scam works. First, they tell you that their software is for free and that you do not need any quantity of money if you want to join their software. And after you finally join the Dream Profits software, they are going to tell you that if you want to become a millionaire person and that if you want to trade with them, is going to be necessary for you to invest some money with them.

And after that, they are going to assign you a broker and you are going to deposit your investment in the broker’s account. And then, the broker who was assigned to you is going to receive a commission for the money that you invested, and all they are going to forget the promises that they made you before. This means that you are never going to become a millionaire person with the Dream Profits software.

And what is worse, the Dream Profits software’s website is an anonymous website.

This means that when you finally notice that the Dream Profits software has stolen all your money, you are not going to be able to contact them. Yes, you are not going to be able to contact the people who are behind the dream Profits software’s website because the website is anonymous. And this means that on their website, there is not any email or any phone number which allows you to contact the people behind this scam.

And let me tell you that they wanted to be an anonymous website. The Dream Profits software’s website is not anonymous because they made a mistake. The website is anonymous because being an anonymous website is part of their scam.  They want to be an anonymous website so after they steal your money, you can’t contact them.

Their video is full of lies too.


If you go and see the Dream Profits software’s video, you are going to see that on the video, a man which name is Matthew Warner is telling you that he is going to choose only some people to join their software and things like that. But the truth here is that he is only lying you, all is part of the scam. This means that everyone who wants can join their software. That man is only lying you, and what is worse, he is just a hired actor. The people who are behind the Dream Profits scam is paying him so he can lie you.


Please stay away of the Dream Profits software because is no more than a scam and a waste of money and time. I recommend you to search for other software. I hope I have helped you, thanks for reading.




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