Crypto Trade Book SCAM Review

Crypto Trade Book is a Crypto Trading system that claims to be able to provide accurate signals with a up to 85% accuracy on them. There is no specific creator apparently, but the website explains what they offer and how to join them. Is this a trusted software? We will review it on this article. However, we highly recommend you to go to the Trusted Systems section of this website in order to find the most trusted trading systems, with proof by Binary Living Way, that are indeed PROFITABLE. Let’s get to the review.

Crypto Trade Book SCAM

What is the Crypto Trade Book?

Crypto Trade Book is a Crypto Trading Software, which means that it is an auto trader. If you are new at trading, an auto trader is an app that will trade automatically for you, by doing a previous analysis of the market conditions. It is a great option for novice traders, but you have to choose a legit Crypto Trading Software, such as Crypto Advantage or BitBubble Tech. Crypto Trade Book is not a trusted software. The reason why we ended up with this conclusion is that we have received many complaints about the brokers they are working with, meaning ZoonTrader, PrimeCFD’s and others. Nevertheless, we don’t believe the actual responsibility is from the brokers. We read on many of those emails that the results are not as expected. People even mention that their accounts were emptied within 2 or 3 days after opening the accounts. This is a huge SCAM SIGN that we can’t ignore, but let’s continue reading about the Crypto Trade Book SCAM.

Crypto Trade Book SCAM

How do they exactly get those results?

There is no answer to this question. The Crypto Trade Book SCAM does not explain what strategy they use. In fact, they claim that Crypto Trading is “Easy To Learn”, and they even mention that using their software is “fun”. We agree that trading should be fun, but also profitable. The Crypto Trade Book SCAM is using a very bogus strategy that brings newbie traders to register and deposit. They show a very easy way to make money online to convincing you to register and deposit. BE CAREFUL. Trading is not that easy, and the Crypto Trade Book SCAM will not make you money.  You can easily realize that they avoid explaining exactly what strategy and what technique they are using to “make you money”. A legit and trusted system, such as BitBubble Tech, will tell you exactly how their system works and will have no hidden details. Go with a Trusted System.

Located in the US?

This is where the Crypto Trade Book SCAM messed up the most; they claim they are located in New York. How do we know this is not true? CFD Trading and Binary Options are prohibited in the United States. How could a company dedicated to these two trading types be located in the US then? The Crypto Trade Book SCAM does this to transmit some kind of trust, which we find unnecessary, but they failed to realize that they could not be located in a country where their activities are forbidden.

Crypto Trade Book SCAM

Demo Account

The Crypto Trade Book SCAM included a DEMO ACCOUNT into their features, which allows you to see how the platform works before you deposit. That is a nice gesture, however filthy from their part. The DEMO ACCOUNT that they offer is a manipulated account, which will always be a win for you and any person that uses it. The reason they do this, is to make you believe that all of the trades you place on your real account will also be wins. Be careful, you will be risking all of your trades to be losses too.  This would be way different if the Crypto Trade Book SCAM had had given access to a REAL DEMO ACCOUNT, meaning using the real account instead of a manipulated one.

Crypto Trade Book SCAM


The Crypto Trade Book is 100% a BOGUS SCAM! We highly recommend you to stay away from them and look for more suitable software for you that is trusted and tested by us. Check our Trusted Systems HERE. If you have been scammed by this or any other software, we would appreciate if you could share it on the comments so that more people can get help as well. Thank you for reading.

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