Crypto Early Investing SCAM Warning

​Crypto Early Investing is a crypto trading system that claims to be able to make users rich with their brand-new software. The trading world has changed a lot during this 2,017, and Bitcoin has become the strongest and smartest investment of all times, having an increase of over 10,000% during the last ten years. Nevertheless, there are a lot of fake companies now trying to take advantage of the momentum of crypto, and targeting novice traders to scam them. Crypto Early Investing is one of those fake companies that are only attempting to cheat people and steal their money. In this article we will analyze them closely.

Crypto Early Investing

What is Crypto Early Investing?

As you already know, crypto trading is now very popular and a great opportunity to make money with small investments. Crypto Early Investing knows that too, and is offering you to make you rich by using its system. Their strategy is to show you stories from fake people that supposedly made a huge profit out of a Bitcoin investment. Even though it is true that many people made a lot of money with Bitcoin purchased several years, or even months ago, Crypto Early Investing has nothing to do with them. However, Crypto Early Investing claims that they made people rich, while they have no proof of their so-called success.

Any SCAM sign?

The interface of their website looks a lot like all of the scams that we have exposed on this website; such as fake photos, fake stories, huge amounts of profit promised, etc. Crypto Early Investing is a sales page. You can confirm it by yourself by looking at their very long scripts. However, that is not the worst part. They actually don’t explain how you are going to make money. What does this mean? They are being shady and mysterious. Why would they do that?

The only companies we already know that would act that way are the scammers we already know. Crypto Early Investing is only showing you a bunch of stories and trying to give us a lot of hope that we will be rich without doing any effort. Although we are not saying there is not trusted crypto trading systems, we do not recommend the Crypto Early Investing scam.

Crypto Early Investing

Fake People

​Adam Sharpe, Kris Hansen and all of the people that appear on their website are not real. We conducted a research to find information about them, simply because people with that story would be well-known, at least on social media. Sadly for the Crypto Early Investing scam, we did not find any information about it. This simply means that they do not exist, and that they were created by this fraudulent scheme to cheat people and make them believe they were dealing with a promising robot.

Crypto Early Investing


Crypto Trading is a fantastic opportunity to make money. We believe that 100%. However, we do not want you to invest money in ghost companies that are only looking to make money from you and not for you. The Crypto Early Investing scam is cheating hundreds of users already, and with this article, we hope you don’t become another one. We always recommend you to go with a Trusted System, and as usual, share this article to help even more people. Feel free to leave a comment, and thank you for reading.

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