Crypto Domination App SCAM Review

The Crypto Domination App ( is an online software that claims to be able to make money for us with its automated trading system. There are several factors that the Crypto Domination App does not mention on its front page, so we will reveal them in this article. As usual, we recommend you to check our TRUSTED SYSTEMS in case you are interested in a software that trades automatically for you. If you rather go with manual trading, check the FREE BLW Signal Alert, or the BLW Turbo Signal Alert, which are very accurate and successful, and will allow you to trade with any broker you prefer. Let’s get to the review.

crypto domination

Crypto Domination App: Another Making-Money-Fraud?

When we talk about Crypto Currencies we all know we are talking about money, right? Well, it is not a secret that many fraudsters are taking advantage of the Crypto bubble to sell all kinds of scams all over the web. The Crypto Domination App is just another bogus scam. We have received too many complaints about their lack of success that it would be impossible for us not to blacklist it.

First of all, the software is offered for free, which is a good thing. Nevertheless, the Crypto Domination App has the power to trade for you at any time. What does that mean? You will be using a 100% automated trading system, which is much riskier than a semi-auto trader, like Maximus CryptoBot. Plus, the Crypto Domination App’s accuracy is not as good as they wish it was. According to many of our subscribers, the winning ratio of this crappy app is between 30% and 45%. In terms of money, whether you trade Binary Options, Forex or CFD, it is near to impossible not to wipe out your account is a few hours.

Regulated Brokers or “Ghost” Brokers?

crypto domination app

The Crypto Domination App also claims that they will offer fully regulated brokers to work with. This is also not true. Based on the many complaints we have received against this fraudulent scheme, people included that the brokers the Crypto Domination App offered were mostly brokers that had no record on the map.

Let me be clear here. You might find complains about non-regulated brokers because of the bonus people accept, which is why they have a hard time asking for a withdrawal, but when a broker does not even appear on the map, we are dealing with some serious criminal experts.


Opening an account is free, but it is not worth the trial. The Crypto Domination App is 100% a SCAM and it is now blacklisted by the Binary Living Way. This, as many other scams have been exposed on this website before, which is why we recommend you to check our BLACKLIST to find all the fake softwares and avoid them. Plus, we recommend you to check our TRUSTED SYSTEMS, and choose one from there in case you want to go with an auto trader. Thank you for Reading.

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