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The Crypto Code software is a scam which is promising its members to make big amounts of money in just 24 hours. On their website they say that is not necessary for you to have any previous experience because thanks to their software you are going to be able to become a millionaire person in just a little bit of time. Although we agree that the Bitcoins world has a lot of potential now, we can almost guarantee you that the Crypto Code scam is not the right way to become a successful person. So, please read this entire article in order to understand why is the Bitcoin Code blacklisted, and remember that Sharing is Caring, so use the Share buttons on the left side of the page to share it on your media accounts. Without more to say I think it is time to get to the article.

What the Crypto Code software exactly is?

The Crypto Code software is a crypto robot, and this robot was launched on the Internet by its creator Derrick Simmons, but maybe you have your doubts about who is Derrick Simmons? Supposedly, they say that this man is a well-respected and highly-skilled Forex investor. Plus, they say that he is also the CEO of the company which designed the robot and that he invested all of his savings to make that awesome software. They also say that the software is really going to help you because it has amazing tools and has the latest technological advancements and has a good accuracy rate, which apparently is going to help you a lot.

But let me tell you that they are lying to you. Yes, they are lying to you because while I was doing a research for this article I was not able to found any kind of information about Derrick Simmons. I was not able to find anything that connected him with the software or something. So, that only means one thing, they are just lying to us and what is worse, we do not know who created that software.

On the Crypto Code software’s website they show us some “advantages” that we are going to have if we decide to join their software. But, they are just lying to us.

First they say that it takes just a few minutes for you to trade on their application.

They say that with the Crypto Code software you will not have to spend hours and hours working on your computer because the software apparently is going to do all the hard work for you. Plus, they say that thanks to that software you are going to be able to spend just 20 minutes per day on it, and that is because just with a few clicks, you will start to generate a lot of money every single day and from the comfort of your home. But that is not true, how is possible to become a millionaire person in a software which tell you that you just need to invest 20 minutes per day on it? It is not possible to make all that money without any kind of effort.

On the Crypto Code software’s website they say that you can earn anytime.

They say that with their software you are going to be able to earn anytime you want because that “amazing” software does not have profit limits, which means that if you make an effort you are going to be able to make big quantities of money in just a few days. But they are lying to you again, because when they say that you need to out a little effort to make more money they are talking about money. So apparently if you invest more money you are going to be able to make more money. But that is not true because their only objective is to make you make a big investment with them and after that they are not going to give you any profit.

And they say that you can use the Crypto Code software even on your phone.

On the website they say that one thing which is amazing about their software is that you can use it even on your phone. But although is possible to use the platform on a phone is not something that we can recommend because their system has a lot of failures, which is going to make impossible for you to use their software.

Only some people are invited so they can join their Crypto Code software.

This is another lie, they say that they just selected a few persons to join their software. They say that if you can join their software, it means that you are a very lucky person. But that is not true because anyone who wants can go and join their software. They are just trying to convince you for you can invest with them and they can steal all your money. Their software is not exclusively, they just want all your money.

And the other lie, you will not have to need to invest a lot of money in the Crypto Code software.

Like other software’s websites which are scams too, they say that with the Crypto Code software you will only have to make the minimal investment, the only thing that you need to do for you can join the software is to invest the minimal quantity of $250, and after that you will start to earn money so fast. But that is not true because after you make that deposit, the broker who was assigned to you is going to receive a commission for the deposit that you made. So then they are going to forget all the promises that they make you and you are never going to receive any profit for your investment.


After all the proofs that I was able to found about the Crypto Code software I just want to tell you that the software is just a scam, the software is 100% a scam. There is no way you can become a millionaire with that software because is a waste of money and time, so stay away from it, thanks for reading.

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