The past Monday Cristian launched his second Academy and this was created especially to learn how to follow signals at Binary Options and Forex.

As a first view, it looks like a very complete site with lessons, webinars, and extra content, as additional Cristian announced that he will add webinars after live sessions with members of BLW Signals group they will have the opportunity to ask questions in real-time and if you have the same questions you can find answers after one week you can watch this webinar at free Signals Academy.

You can learn not just to follow signals; you would learn how to have better results than the admins. This promise or commitment made me feel confident that I can be an expert as admins are if I follow lessons or instructions that Cristian recommends on his academy. All the admins that are providing signals are experienced traders and all of them have been formed by Cristian´s academy and BLW YouTube channel.

Now it’s time to diving deep into the content of BLW Signals academy

What is the signal?

Is a prediction as to where the market is going to move off a binary Option or Forex trade that is going to happen with a certain amount of time.  With a signal, you receive the information you need to trade.

  1. Type of Signal: Binary/Forex
  2. The pair of currency
  3. Direction either buy/sell put/call
  4. The Strike Rate SR
  5. The expiration time or the Take profitable / Stop loss.

As a member, you will receive not just the signals, providers give recommendations as special instructions like The market is risky, invest less something you need to take in consideration in order to don’t risk your money,

How to apply a Signal in Binary and Forex

Once you have the signal with its components for example (EUR/GBP, D. is PUT, SR IS 0.84605, EXP is 13.30 GTM)

As the first step Cristian teaches you how to set your clock with GTM time that is the time what signals will be announced.

Instead of expiration time, you can find some instructions to follow in order to predict your trade session.

SL: Stop loss is the price where the trade is going to be automatically close once that price is reached and you are losing money.

TP: Take profit.

 How to get better results than the admins

You can get  better results when you are trading and this is the secret:
Just for example in the trading view chart and you are following signals and SR If it´s a put you can put in a higher level than the signal, and if it’s a call you can call at a lower level than the signals were indicated.

Even if the trade expires right in the signal and probable will not an ITM YOU will be ITM because of you. That means that if the admin has 4 ITM you would have 5 ITM.

What do you need to have better results?

You need a lot of patience because people enter really fast but sometimes you will have better results if you analyze all the situations to know what is best for your trade than just run and follow the signal.


Overall, I strongly recommend you take this course at Cristian´s signals Academy if you are a beginner or even if you are an experienced trader, I´m sure you will find this course full of knowledge and practical tips that you should know in order to follow signals. Never complicated finding signals, I just follow signals from BLW´s admins, I feel more confident and accurate when I´m trading, as an additional, I never feel alone because we are a trader’s community and we became a family I always feel supported and helped by others.


Steps to Create your Free Account

  1. Main menu > My Account > Register


  1. Main menu > My Account > Register: It is important to fill all the spaces marked as * mandatory and click on in terms and conditions in order to create your account successfully.

  1. Main menu > My Account > Log In

To be sure that your account was created you need to log in to the academy.


Economic impact of Coronavirus

Crude oil price falls 3.21%. This occurs at a key time of the year for the economy of the Asian giant and the effects have already been felt internationally. The price of crude oil registered a sharp 3.21% drop in the London market during the last weeks of January. due to the spread of the new coronavirus in China.

This could affect the demand for crude oil in the world. «The Bloomberg the agency says that »the concern that the outbreak will become somewhat similar to the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome pandemic halted a seven-week uptick in emerging markets in the five days to Friday and the Monday continued to affect currencies, stocks, and bonds. «The yuan abroad fell to its weakest level this year and approached 7 per dollar, while a European fund traded on the stock exchange and focused on China fell 6%, leading to its largest decline since May». Wall Street opened this Monday with all its indicators down due to fear of the effects of the coronavirus that is expanding from China, with a 1.50% drop in Dow Jones, the main indicator of the New York Stock Exchange.

Due to the spread of the Chinese pneumonia virus, the stock market is in imbalance, so it is recommended to wait for the economy to stabilize by trading little risk and looking for the currencies that have no news.

Bitcoin and Skrill Payment method

Bitcoins and Skrill are one of the most international wallet sources for exchange your currencies and help you to trade as it is well globalized. Both are great payment methods but the problem is that some people just find a tool and opportunity to make scams.

Even if If they have controls to search any suspicious activity in any of their account’s scammers continue operating with skrill. They have a full right to hold the funds and ban the user permanently without informing the user. Even though It needs to provide a better secure environment for all the users.

Don´t get scammed

I want to be part of a safe community of traders, for that reason, I´m always searching proofs to exposed scammers as the fake signals group of the Fake Cristian AP. I have been monitoring this group, and we founded that He is just copying BLW Signals from the group that I already a member paying a subscription for monthly payment $29.99 and they are posting on this group on telegram.  Copying 7-10 delayed signals that we receive from the original group we receive more than 150 Signals in real-time per week.


Here is how the scam works:

Basically, this person just copies signals that BLW Signal providers post on the exclusive site (is not a telegram channel, and after just past them to this telegram group.



Don´t get scammed by a fake Cristian AP

Since BLW Signals Group has been launched, a fake group on telegram start to adding members with a fake user name BLW Signals Group created in the name of Cristian APBLW, so this scammer still his identity. Never talk with this fake Cristian user name on telegram! @CristianAPBLW this is the creator of the scam group.

If you deposit or transfer your money to his account with a fake email address, he will never write you again he is just taking your money and is impossible you can receive any service that this scammer promised you

You should avoid any broker which is using Moneybookers a.k.a. Skrill because it is a clear indication that the broker is SCAMMER too.

The platform to get signals from signal providers of BLW will never ask you those payment methods they just allowed credit card or PayPal which means your cards or your PayPal account will be free from scammers.

As a member of our BLW Signals group you don’t only get signals on real-time we are receiving more than 150 ITM Signals per week, that you can use if you trade in Binary Options or  Forex signals,  also I have been trained by him on his academy, the last but not least is the support, I love finding solutions on chat or email since I don’t have too much time, I never get frustrated with any issue they always solve any question or concern that I have.

How to recognize a fake group or channel

Messages and groups are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to distinguish from legitimate usernames or name of channels I trust that you are smart and you will detect scammers to spot a fake telegram or email looking for a combination of red flags. In this example, notice:


  1. Email address: The email address of the sender does not include the a domain name, instead of using something like this email or username on telegram Cristian APBLW


  1. Urgent call to action: In my experience fake Cristian AP was constantly writing me as my personal telegram in order to ask me a payment for $50 with a skrill or bitcoin payment method. The real Cristian will never contact you directly to ask or beg for money. He is a famous YouTuber and I´m sure he´s such a busy person and difficult to contact directly every person on his personal telegram user ID.


  1. Suspicious URL or Group on telegram: The official group of BLW has the URL: and the company site of BLW is  groups or sites with a different domain could be a fraudulent website. If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer, you can check a link’s URL by hovering over it with your cursor, and the URL will show in your browser window



4. Payment Method: This group or fake Cristian AP will ask you payments with bitcoins or skrill. By the way, his prices are EXPENSIVE! Monthly $50 Is unbelievable that he is asking close to the double of the price for a copy of BLW signals.







How to avoid being scammed!

If you are in doubt about a site, video or group I recommend you contact This is to confirm if it is legitimate. As a trading writer I want to warn you about those scammers, my goal is every trader will be free

I´m very sorry for the people are being scammed in the name of the real Cristian AP and or in the name of services that he has created with the best intentions to help traders to achieve their personal goals, I´m sure trading or receiving signals is a positive thing is changing lives, helping you to pay medical services, scholarship financial, and people is buying new houses. So please be smart and detect scammers.









President Trump said: “Iran seems to be lowering the tension, which is a good thing for all stakeholders and something really good for the world.” That quote comes after a response from Iran, they responded that from now they would wait to see what we could do in the United States, that means and shows to the world that Iran has no war intentions.

They want to revenge but given an attack on US military forces in Iraq, believe that Iran already takes revenge to United States for ordering the death of their appreciated leader Qasem Soleimani. Iran answered to United States with this attack but has no intention of starting a war.


Iran’s message was sent to United States
This would be his only response. Now they would wait to see what we could do in the United States, which shows that Iran has no revenge intentions given an attack on US military forces in Iraq, believes that.
The experts considered that Iranians revenge with a very measured and symbolic attack, to satisfy their people. Recalls the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, said Tehran alerted them in advance of the missile launch against bases that multiply with the Americans and that were already on high alert.

However, when the White House received the evaluation of the battlefield, confirming that there were no American victims.

What answered United States?

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the teams met again with the president, who received an update on the last evaluation. It was then that Trump lost the final decision of the response to this attack by Iran that suffered criticism, signaling to the advisers that the threat of escalation was off the table.

«They have taken a step back, now we have taken something like a step back,» said a senior administration official. Financial markets like trading would not be affected, if countries in conflict sign tables to avoid a war, from now some effects are represented as the increase in oil and gold prices, the raw materials market strongly reflected the increase in tension in the Middle East after the death of General Soleimani.
The conflict between Iran and United States has warned the entire word and economy is the first affected just a first sign is: the West Texas crude, a benchmark in the United States, raised its pre-US $ 63 per barrel, the highest levels since last May.

Warning of war between U.S and Iran

Conflicts between Iran and United States come from several years ago, but the worst new was launched a the begging of this year 2020 when a warning of war was communicated in massive media.

This year President Donald Trump ordered the murder of the man he considered was responsible for plans to attack US diplomats and members of the service.  The attack that killed major general Qasem Soleimani the responsible for hundreds of murders in his own country and other countries.

United states

The Iranian government recognizes to Qasem Soleimani as a leader and influence for Iranians, also as a military hero, so with this front attack from U.S both the Iranians fronts religious and politician treated with revenge to the US government, as a preventative security measure United States required of the entire United States citizens and also several governments around the world asked their citizens to leave Iranian territories.



The Military Allies of United States

They have a powerful army and a network of military allies in the West such as NATO that has 29 member countries including United Kingdom and, one of the strongest armies and powerful allies so there is no way in which Iran can confront and respond against the United States

Situation in Iran

The murder of Soleimani has had consequences as a warning of a  potential war that could cost thousands of innocent lives, with a huge economic impact as the increases in the price of the oil in the world and specifically in Iran, there was a 200% the increase since a potential war caused by U.S. conflict which rises in a lot of protests, hundreds of people injury and chaos in both countries, so that was the point that Iran’s governments can not struggle with protests that they prohibit the internet in the entire country to avoid making worldwide news about Iran’s situations for living.

Economic Effects ​

One of the most important worldwide economic effects start on the price of the oil as The Saudi state operator of oil airports has interrupted the transit of ships through the Strait of Hormuz. which means 20% of the world’s oil supply crosses the Strait of Hormuz, a step between The Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, and any disturbance of container traffic could also affect energy markets. In addition to rising fuel prices, protest and a power war inside of Iran had years divided so lost experts say … you want to unite insiders fight against outsiders.

In conclusion

Even if those countries are not considering a war, jus with a war warning creates destabilization in the economy and worldwide alert that makes decreasing investment, increasing prices and threats between those countries and allies which mean economy volatile market to invest and uncountable negative effects further than the economy.

BLW Signals Group Review

Since the BLW Signals group was launched users made comments about signals, they said that BLW provide signals with an accuracy of over 90% in the money so this is hard to believe.

Let’s start from the beginning…

​Who is Cristian and why is this platform helping traders and creating experts at trading?
Cristian AP started with a YouTube channel and Facebook signals group since 2014. He developed a great community of traders hungry to learn more about the secrets of online trading with 2 min strategy, crypto, and CDF. Cristian is a reliable trading expert, with more than 8 years and thousands of subscribers at his channel he goes straight to the point, he tells you exactly what you need to hear, he has a true commitment sharing his knowledge and trade experience with beginners and advanced traders.


The personal testimonies are true

With this accuracy indicator, you will guess that I was so curious about it and very expectant to get my own opinion as a trader, once I tried with the membership for one month to create this article and give an opportunity to one of the most famous and favorites trainers as Cristian.

Even if I search for reviews and comments about him and this subscription the first thing I was concern it was if this membership would be like the rest of the signals providers in groups, telegram and I talk to myself I will not pay for it. Anyway, my curiosity was killing me so I decided to try just with a month but I had a big surprise that even if it is a massive platform this is not a robot giving you signals this is real people, real experts trading and searching opportunities for us delivering over 150 signals per week helping you create wealth with your trade experience.

First of all, I started with a monthly plan

Throughout this month I just followed the signals because I was trying to test the accuracy of the signals, I realized also that with this membership, I got not only the signals per week I felt part of a community where a lot of traders like me! it feels like a family, we can talk the same language, share the same dreams or aspirations, understand and support each other, and be part of a private BLW forum to interact with worldwide traders.


How was my experience?
In my experience, I felt comfortable and approachable to contact signal providers as the live chat room with every admin, to share my questions, and concerns, to share my results after every trade as well.

One of the features that I like the most were the general views as the chart inside of your Signals Room so is not necessary to leave the website or have several windows open I have my own tools in the same place to be focus on making money!

Another thing was that get online trading academy as inclusive, not sure if it is for free to everyone without a membership, all the signal providers were trained on the Christian´s academy and they become experts in what they do now they can help thousands of people as well so this is a smart argument or reason to follow and learn from the academy.

Here I`mm sharing with you the official site to get a membership.



​About pricing…

I tried signals groups in the past and I paid $10 per week for 1 admin giving you signals, forums about to $9.99 so I think the price for BLW signals was $29.99 per month, offer more value for a reasonable price. I got a discount for a launching promotion I paid 24.99. So I’m really considering try a yearly subscription to get a better discount.

I Strongly recommend you to try with the monthly plan and see if it works for you, you will see the return of investment in less than a week and why after your trial try with a yearly plan like me.


OK, that was BLW signals group from my perspective, overall with training, with tools and a team supporting you and accuracy of over 90% in the money means a HUGE opportunity for your The 2020 year resolutions!

CryptoTrixi Software Good Review

Are you new in the crypto currencies business? Are you looking for a software but you do not know what is trustworthy and what is not? Do you want to make some extra money from the comfort of your home?  If you are interested in all what I just told you, let me tell you that you are a very lucky person, and that you are exactly in the right place here. And why I am telling you this? Because here in this article I am going to show you a review about a famous software which is called CryptoTrixi. So, here we are going to discover together if this software really is what it claims to be.

So, my recommendation for you today is, please read this entire article in order to understand absolutely everything about the CryptoTrixi software, and like always, please remember that sharing is caring so please use the share buttons to share this article on all your social media accounts and to help your friends know about the CryptoTrixi software too and know if it is trustworthy or not. And now without anything more to say I think it is time for me to start with the review about this famous software, let’s see.

First it is very important to know what the CryptoTrixi software exactly is

Let me tell you that the CruptoTrixi is a very profitable software which is going to help you analyze Forex and Crypto markets on-demand and execute the right trades with his easy to use web based app. This means this great software is going to tell you what is exactly the right moment for you to trade with their signals, and thanks to that you are going to be able to make some extra money and what is best, from the comfort of your home. Yes, that is exactly the main goal of this application, help people make some extra money without a lot of effort and in just a few minutes.

How the CryptoTrixi software works?

It is also very important to know how this amazing software is going to help you because it is probable that you have some doubts about it, so please pay attention to the next paragraphs because I am going to explain you how exactly this software works.

Step one, register  at the CryptoTrixi software

With this good software you are going to be able to register  for free and get connected with the best supported broker for your country, no matter where you are.

Step two, fund

The next thing you have to do after register is to verify and fund your new trading account and unlock the market analyzer app.

Step three, analyze

Then you need to use the market analyzer to identify trading signals with highest probability across multiple markets.

And that is all, it is very simple right? With just three steps you are going to be able to trade with the best signals with your connected broker and enjoy your regular profits.

And now that we know what the CryptoTrixi software is and how it works, it is time for me to show you some great advantages that you will have with this amazing software.

Market Analyzer

When it comes to the CryptoTrxi software’s market analyzer is backed by advanced programing algorithms that provide high probability trading signals for beginner and advanced traders. So all you have to do is to define your signal criteria and get signals that match your trading style, like:

Select across major Forex and Crypto assets;

 Filter for short or long positions only;

 Mitigate the risk with the risk/reward filter.

Lots of people recommend you to use the CryptoTrixi software

While I was making my review for this software, I was so amazed, and the reason of this is because I was not able to find any bad commend about the CryptoTrixi software. Yes, I just found lots of good comments, of course real commends from people which say that thanks to this amazing software they have a better life now and they are making some extra money and everything from the confort of their homes, they do not have to live their homes to make this money which is amazing for them.

Plus, the people of CryptoTrixi software is 24/7 available for you

This is another good advantage that the CryptoTrixi software offers you, it is the fact that it does not matter where you are or what time is in your country, it does not matter because the people who te behind the CryptoTrixi software are always working, which means you can’t contact them every time you need and they are going to answer you as soon as they can, which is totally awesome.


As a conclusion, all I have to tell you about this software is, I highly recommend you to use the CryptoTrixi software, you will love it. I can guarantee you after you try it you will not regret because it is going to help you a lot, I hope this review had helped you, thanks for reading this article.


Btrade Signal Pro Software Review

Do you want to invest with a good disgregare but you do not know what is the best for you to use? Are you wondering which software’s are trustworthy and which are not? If you are interested in that, let me tell you that you are exactly in the right place now. And I am telling you this because here in this article I am going to show you a review about an amazing software which is called Btrade Signal Pro Software.

And, if you want to know what the Btrade Signal Pro Software is about, I highly recommend you to please read this entire article to know absolutely everything about this software and if Can works for you or not.  And like always, please remember  that sharing is caring so please use the share buttons to share this article on all your social meadua accounts and to help your friends know everything about this software too. So, now it is time for me to show you all what the Btrade Signal Pro has for you, let’s start with the review.

First it is very important to know whatthe Btrade Signal Pro Software is

It is very important for you to know that the Btrade Signal-Pro is a very professional trading software that generates accurate live signals which lets you execute them on a real time platform. Yes,  no prior experience or knowledge is required to use it and it is totally free  and available from any computer or mobile device. Yes, this amazing software is going to tell you what is exactly te best moment for you to trade and thanks to that you are going to be able to generate some amazing high profits. Yes, amazing profits with the most profitable software of 2019, this show us how trustworthy this software is.

And now, that you already know what the Btrade Signal Pro Software exactly is, it istime for me to show you some great advantages that I found about this software while I was making my research for this article. Let’s see.

You can use the Btrade Signal Pro Software from any device

This is completely amazing, it does not matter where you are or what time is in your country, and this is because thanks to this amazing software you will be able to trade anywhere you are. This is because you can use the Btrade Signal Pro Software on you computer, on your tablet on even in your phone, yes, this amazing software can be use even on your phone without any kind of problem, this show us how amazing this software is.

Signing up at the Btrade Signal Pro Software is easy

It is very interesting that when  it comes to sign up at the Btrade Signal Pro Software, let me tell you that it is going to be very easy for you. And this is because you do not have to spend lots of hours trying to understand how to use this software, everything is going to be so easy for you because the Btrade Signal Pro Software has a very short form. Yes, you will only need to fill out a very short form and after that you will be able to sign in at this amazing software, it is the easiest way.

Lots of people from all over the world recommend you to use the Btrade Signal Pro Software

Let me tell you that when I was making my research for this article, I was totally surprised because I was able to see only food comments about this software. Yes, I could not see any bad comment about this software saying that it is a scam or something, just good comments saying how profitable this software is. And it is totally amazing because if people recommend it to you it means that it is so trustworthy.

The Btrade Signal Pro Software is not anonymous

If you are wondering what an anonymous software is, let me tell you that a website becomes anonymous when the people who are behind it, do not give you any concrete information about that software and how are they going to help you. This happens when the people who are behind the software do not give you any email, any address or any phone number that can help you to contact them so they can help you, and this is a very and signal because it show us that the software is not trustworthy at all. This happens always with software’s that are just a scam.

But, you do not have to worry about this with the Btrade Signal Pro Software, and this is because this software is not anonymous. And this is because they have a contact us section which you can use to contact these people and they will help you as soon as they can.

No hidden costs with the Btrade Signal Pro Software!

A great advantage of this great software is the fact that there are no commissions or hidden costs. This is totally true, and this is because as a member of Btrade Signal Pro you will  get a copy of our proprietary software free of charge. Your invested money is yours, and you are free to withdraw it at any time you choose without delay. There is not any risk with this software.


All I have to tell you about this software is, I totally recommend it to you. There is no other software that can help you the way the Btrade Signal Pro Software is going to do it. I can totally asure you that if you try it you will earn some extra money with amazing profits. So what are you waiting? It is time for you to try this amazing software which is going to help you a lot.


Forex Monarch Scam Review

Have you heard about cryptocurrencies business before? Are you interested in investing with a good software but you do not what software you should try? That can happen because sometimes are softwares that are not trustworthy at all. And that is the reason of this article, because here I am going to show you a real review about a software which claims to be trustworthy but it is not. Yes, the name of that software is Forex Monarch.

So, if you are interested in know more about how the Forex Monarch scam works, my recommendation for you today is, please read this entire article in order to understand everything about that scam. And like always, please remember that sharing is caring so please use the share buttons to share this article on all your social media accounts and help your friends stay away from the Forex Monarch scam too. And now, without anything more to say, let’s start with the review.

First of all, it is very important to know what the Forex Monarch software exactly is

Apparently, the Forex Monarch is a software which claims is going to help you make money on a very easy way that is to their amazing platform. The people who are behind this software says that if you join the software you will be able to earn lots of profits in just seconds. They say they have an effective trading algorithm which is going to allow you know exactly what is the right moment for you to trade, they say that with their software you will have lots of high profit signals and that you will be able to have your dream life. But it is true everything what they say? The answer to this question is no, it is not true. And why I am telling you this? Because during my investigations for this article I was able to find some proofs that will show you what a big scam the Forex Monarch really is.

So, now is time for you to pay special attention because on the next paragraphs I am going to show you some warning signals that I found when I was visiting the Forex Monarch Software, so let’s see.

How the Forex Monarch Software “works”

While I was visiting the Forex Monarch software’s website, I was able to see this: “You simply BUY or SELL when the indicator tells you to. There is NO chart reading. NO technical analysis. NO thinking. Just click BUY or SELL when you’re told to and make money. It’s that simple.” Apparently the way that the software works is so easy, but let me tell you this is just a part of their lies.  And this is because all what they want is to convince you so you can join their software. Of course it is not possible to make a big fortune just by making some clicks, and what about the experience? They are just lying.

“Real” testimonies from people who have tried the Forex Monarch Software

There on the Forex Monarch software’s website, you will be able to see a section which is called: “real testimonials from members”, so apparently in that section you should see real comments from people who tried the software and recommend it to you because it has worked for them. But this is a fake testimonials section, this is because they just have message box with message that themselves wrote. There is not any real comment because the people who already try this software do not recommend it because it was a list of money for them.

Final chance, they say

Another proof of the big scam that the Forex Monarch Software is, is the fact that they say is your final chance to join their software. And believe me, this is just the way how they try to convince you so you can finally join thee Software and they can be able to steal all the money that you will invest with them.

And how do I know this, because I was able to discover how their scam works.

How the Forex Monarch software’s scam works

Yes, like I was telling you before the main objective of the people who are behind the Forex Monarch’s Software is steal your money. And they are going to do this by trying to convince you to join their software. And after you finally join it, they will ask you to make a minimal investment so you can be able to trade. So they are going to assign you a broker so that broker can “help” you with all the process of joining their academy.

But the bad news is that after this, after you invest your money thinking you will be a millionaire person in less than a month, the broker who was  assigned to you is going to revive a part of the money that you invested and all the people who are behind this scam is going to disappear. Yes, they are going to disappear and what is worst, with your money.

And what if you try to contact them?

You are not going to be able to contact this people because the Forex Monarch’s Software has an anonymous website. This means that on the website there is not any kind of information that allows you contact the people who are behind it, so you are never going to be able of recover your money.


After all the information that I just gave you about the Forex Monarch Software, I think you already know what my conclusion about this software is going to be. Of course I do not recommend you to trade with this software. Please do not invest your money on a software like this because it is just a waste of time, please stay away from the Forex Monarch Software. I hope this article have helped you, thanks for reading.