You already know that I like to be very objective when it comes to analyzing a new trading software. This is not going to be an exception, and I am really glad that you landed on this page before making any rush decisions.

It is true that Btrade Automated has caught the attention of thousands of Day Traders, which is why I decided, not only to review it, but also to test it out and show my results. Nevertheless, in this article we will go over the basics of Btrade Automated, and we will point out the good and the bad side of this new trading software.

What is Btrade Automated?

Btrade Automated is a Semi-Automated Trading Software that was recently released in 2,019. This software generated a lot of curiosity when we all started receiving emails saying that there was something greater than anything coming up.

At the moment I received the email from Btrade Automated, I started to wonder about the trading strategy, the algorithms and the indicators that the software was going to use. What I did was email their support team and ask them directly what was up with the super functionality behind this new trading software.

Their reply was long, but below I will list what was included as the important points of the trading formula by Btrade Automated:

  1. MACD Indicator: As you already know, I am a long-life fan of this indicator for fast trades. Have you tested it on longer trades? Turns out, it works really good. However, the MACD indicator alone CANNOT PREDICT EVERYTHING! Therefore, there are other indictors and confirmations added to Btrade Automated.
  2. Stochastic: If you know how to handle the levels of Stochastic, you know that it is a very powerful indicator to make money with Online Trading. If you don’t know what it is, then you should only know that Btrade Automated included it, and this will make its signals even more accurate as a second confirmation for the trends.
  3. Support and Resistance: The old, powerful and unique strategy that has generated millions of dollars to thousands of Day Traders in the world. Btrade Automated included a double confirmation for its signals with Support and Resistance, which I personally think is the most powerful feature of all, and what convinced me that I should definitely try this software.

How does Btrade Automated work?

In order for us to make money with Btrade Automated, all we have to do is follow its signals, which will be automatically generated by the software itself. Nonetheless, it would be even better if you analyze the markets while you follow the signals as well. Plus, always check the news and avoid 3 bull news in order to be on the safe side.

Btrade Automated will generate signals that you will be able to to take directly into the platform, and all you’ll have to do afterwards is to monitor the trades taken in order to see your profit gained. It is also fully recommended that you don’t leave your trades unattended to avoid possible losses for changes in the market.

Does Btrade Automated work only with Crypto Currencies?

No. Btrade Automated works also with stocks and global currencies, such as EUR. USD and JPY. This makes the software a lot more user-friendly and opens the opportunities we have to make money. Plus, since it will be opened for Crypto Currencies, you might be even able to trade during the weekends. I personally do not recommend this, but it is good to know that you have the option.

How Do I Join Btrade Automated?

First, I recommend you to watch my YouTube Video, where I explain all you need to know about this software. This is so that you clear up all of your questions. I put the video below so that you don’t even have to leave this page:

Now that you fully understand it, click on the image below and enter the details required. Then click on the Open Free Account Button and you will be assigned the best broker for your area. The software itself is 100% free and I have not heard about anything related to a future fee.

Though we should be ready if that happens in the future, but my recommendation is to make money now that the software is free.

How Much Is The Minimum Deposit?

As any other software, the minimum deposit is $250, but it may vary depending on the country. Some countries will require a higher deposit, which I find it normal. Plus, I do recommend you to deposit between $500 to $1,000 in order to see some real results from the beginning.

Countries Restrictions?

Unfortunately, as with all softwares in the world, USA and Canada are not allowed to use this software due to the CFTC Rules. However, there are many countries that are accepted by this software that were not being accepted before, such as Phillipines, Australia, Denmark, Bolivia, Brazil, New Zeland, Thailand, Indonesia and more.

In order for you to be sure if your country is accepted, I recommend you try to open a free account and see if you get access.

How Accurate Is This Software?

My biggest recommendation is that you watch my YouTube Channel, as I will be sharing live sessions from this software. That way you can see the updated results from Btrade Automated. You can visit my YouTube Channel Here!


Btradde Automated is definitely a new TRUSTED Software. It is a pleasure to review these types of trading systems that have a bright future among all the scams I expose on this website all the time. Feel free to get a FREE Account from Btrade Auotmated here, and please leave in the comments below your experience with this software. Thank you very much for reading!

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