BLW Signals Group Review

Cristian AP the famous YouTuber to teach you trading, launched his own platform to provide signals and advise you when it is better to call or put, sell/buy He is an experienced trader with more than 9 years trading,

Thousands of subscribers at his channel he goes straight to the point, he tells you exactly what you need to hear, he has a true commitment sharing his knowledge and trade experience with beginners and advanced traders.

He developed a great community of traders that follow him at his channel, academy and social media to learn more about the secrets of online trading with 2 min strategy, crypto, and CDF.


Since the BLW Signals group was created, users are commenting about signals, they said that BLW provides signals with an accuracy of over 90% ITM so this is AWESOME! but let’s see if this is true?

​Trying BLW signals Group 

 With this accuracy indicator, you will guess that I was so curious about it and very expectant to get my own opinion as a trader, once I tried with the membership for one month to create this article and give an opportunity to one of the most famous and favorites trainers as Cristian.

Even if I search for reviews and comments about him and this subscription the first thing I was concern it was if this membership would be like the rest of the signals providers in groups, telegram and I talk to myself I will not pay for it. Anyway, my curiosity was killing me so I decided to try just with a month but I had a big surprise that even if it is a massive platform this is not a robot giving you signals this is real people, real experts trading and searching opportunities for us delivering over 150 signals per week helping you create wealth with your trade experience.

Wich plan I Choose?

I decided to try with a monthly plan because I did not want to risk more, I like to try and see if it works for me, so this month I just followed the signals because I was trying to test the accuracy of the signals, I realized also that with this membership, I got not only the signals per week I felt part of a community where a lot of traders like me!


It feels like a family, we can talk the same language, share the same dreams or aspirations, understand and support each other, and be part of a private BLW forum to interact with worldwide traders.


About the customer service

They are very resolutive and approachable people  I had the opportunity to contact signal providers as the live chat room with every admin, to share my questions, and concerns, to share my results after every trade as well.

One of the features that I like the most was the general views as the chart inside of your Signals Room so it is not necessary to leave the website or have several windows open I have my own tools in the same place to be focus on making money!

Another thing was that get online trading academy as inclusive for me it means a lot because all the signal providers were trained on the BLW academy by Cristian AP. and they become experts in what they do now they can help thousands of people as well so this is a smart argument or reason to follow and learn from the academy.

Here I’m sharing with you the official site to get a membership.



​About pricing

I tried signals groups in the past and I paid $10 per week for 1 admin giving you signals, forums about to $9.99 so I think the price for BLW signals was $29.99 per month if I compare those forums or groups the Platform of Cristian offers more value for a reasonable price. I got a discount for a launching promotion I paid 24.99. So I’m really considering try a yearly subscription to get a better discount. I strongly recommend you to try with the monthly plan and see if it works for you, you will see the return of investment in less than a week and why after your trial try with a yearly plan like me.



I recommend you try with a membership to BLW signals group it helps me to trade with more effectiveness I don´t need to find my own signals because a team is working for it, I just have to follow the signals in order to win, overall with training, with tools and a team supporting you and accuracy of over 0% ITM means a HUGE opportunity for me, and also for your 2020 year resolutions!

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