The past Monday Cristian launched his second Academy and this was created especially to learn how to follow signals at Binary Options and Forex.

As a first view, it looks like a very complete site with lessons, webinars, and extra content, as additional Cristian announced that he will add webinars after live sessions with members of BLW Signals group they will have the opportunity to ask questions in real-time and if you have the same questions you can find answers after one week you can watch this webinar at free Signals Academy.

You can learn not just to follow signals; you would learn how to have better results than the admins. This promise or commitment made me feel confident that I can be an expert as admins are if I follow lessons or instructions that Cristian recommends on his academy. All the admins that are providing signals are experienced traders and all of them have been formed by Cristian´s academy and BLW YouTube channel.

Now it’s time to diving deep into the content of BLW Signals academy

What is the signal?

Is a prediction as to where the market is going to move off a binary Option or Forex trade that is going to happen with a certain amount of time.  With a signal, you receive the information you need to trade.

  1. Type of Signal: Binary/Forex
  2. The pair of currency
  3. Direction either buy/sell put/call
  4. The Strike Rate SR
  5. The expiration time or the Take profitable / Stop loss.

As a member, you will receive not just the signals, providers give recommendations as special instructions like The market is risky, invest less something you need to take in consideration in order to don’t risk your money,

How to apply a Signal in Binary and Forex

Once you have the signal with its components for example (EUR/GBP, D. is PUT, SR IS 0.84605, EXP is 13.30 GTM)

As the first step Cristian teaches you how to set your clock with GTM time that is the time what signals will be announced.

Instead of expiration time, you can find some instructions to follow in order to predict your trade session.

SL: Stop loss is the price where the trade is going to be automatically close once that price is reached and you are losing money.

TP: Take profit.

 How to get better results than the admins

You can get  better results when you are trading and this is the secret:
Just for example in the trading view chart and you are following signals and SR If it´s a put you can put in a higher level than the signal, and if it’s a call you can call at a lower level than the signals were indicated.

Even if the trade expires right in the signal and probable will not an ITM YOU will be ITM because of you. That means that if the admin has 4 ITM you would have 5 ITM.

What do you need to have better results?

You need a lot of patience because people enter really fast but sometimes you will have better results if you analyze all the situations to know what is best for your trade than just run and follow the signal.


Overall, I strongly recommend you take this course at Cristian´s signals Academy if you are a beginner or even if you are an experienced trader, I´m sure you will find this course full of knowledge and practical tips that you should know in order to follow signals. Never complicated finding signals, I just follow signals from BLW´s admins, I feel more confident and accurate when I´m trading, as an additional, I never feel alone because we are a trader’s community and we became a family I always feel supported and helped by others.


Steps to Create your Free Account

  1. Main menu > My Account > Register


  1. Main menu > My Account > Register: It is important to fill all the spaces marked as * mandatory and click on in terms and conditions in order to create your account successfully.

  1. Main menu > My Account > Log In

To be sure that your account was created you need to log in to the academy.