Blockchain2 Bank SCAM Review

The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM is a brand-new software that is targeting new traders in the crypto currency world. Their promises and cheating techniques are attracting dozens of novice traders to invest with their bogus software, which will only make you lose money in no time. According to the several emails we have received in regards to The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM, they will force you to keep trading to “recover your losses”, that you previously got USING THEIR SOFTWARE. This crappy strategy has been seen on several other scams, and The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM is having success using it unfortunately. In this review, we will find out what is this horrible scheme doing to keep you on the safe side and to keep your money safe.


We want to mention up front that we have not personally tested ​The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM, and that we do not have any intention to do it. This review is fully based on our visitor reviews, YouTube Subscribers and BLW Followers in general.

Is The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM trusted?

It is definitely not. In fact, one of the most common complaints we have received in regards to this bogus scam, is that they work in a very mysterious way. For example, some users mention that the software will place trades in behalf of the users, and without any authorization. The worst part is that The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM places only LOSING TRADES! As a result, the account of any user using this crappy app will end up wiped out.

Although it is quite obvious to realize we are dealing with a scam when we see their official website, for novice traders it might look very promising. We highly recommend you, if you are a fairly new trader, to stay away of this scam and trade manually, or use Crypto Advantage, since it is the most trusted and reliable Crypto Trading Software.

Who is the creator of The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM?

They don’t clearly say it on their video, which is fine if the owner wants to be protected against any criminal attack. On the other hand, we don’t know exactly who are we dealing with. If The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM had great results, we would not be wondering who is the creator of this crypto trading system. However, since there are that many scam complaints about it, we definitely would love to know who is behind the scenes.

Taking in consideration that The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM has terrible trading results, complaints about manipulation of the system and nobody knows who the creator is, we are 100% sure that we are dealing with a SCAM. The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM is operating in a very shady way and we must take this as a sign yo stay away from it and keep our money in our pockets.


Fake Numbers

We attempted to find a good review about ​The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM, nevertheless, we could not fine one single good comment about it. Therefore, we decided to take a look at the reviews on THEIR FRONT PAGE. What we found is very disappointing. They are all fake reviews. The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM shows three bank accounts that “supposedly” are from active users of their auto trader, but they are clearly fake. These are only snapshots that anybody can edit and paste on a website that lacks of credibility.

Sadly, many new and experienced traders are falling for this strategy, trusting a To-Good-To-Be-True promise of The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM, but they will end up scammed. If you have not joined The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM, and you were planning to, our advice is that you think about it again after reading this article.



The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM is on our BLACKLIST, which you should take a look at in order to avoid falling for this, or any other scam. If you are looking to use a trusted and profitable auto trader, we recommend you to join Crypto Advantage, which is the most profitable, accurate and trusted Crypto Trading System. It is 100% FREE and, as you can see in the video above, there is proof of the good results of the system. If you have been scammed by The Blockchain2 Bank SCAM or any other scam, share it on the comments to help others to avoid being cheated in the future. Thank you for reading.

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