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If you are a new trader and you are searching for a software which invest your money with, or maybe if you are not a new trader and you are just searching for a software, it is necessary that you know which software is trustworthy and which is a scam, for that reason in this article I am going to explain you all about a bad software, a software which is a scam and a complete waste of money and time.

The name of that software is Bitcoins Wealth, and that software claims that are helping a lot of people all over the world to become millionaire in just a little bit of time, they say that the Bitcoins Wealth software is a reserved group and if you join it you will have the possibility to become a millionaire so fast, but unfortunately I have to tell you that all that they say on their website is a complete lie, why I say this? Because I have a lot of proofs that are going to convince you to stay away from that software, so all that you need to do is to read this article in order to understand why I say that the software is a scam, without more to say, it is time to start.

It is the Bitcoins Wealth trustworthy software? My answer to this question is no, and here is why.

Their video… if you see the video that appears on the Bitcoins Wealth website you can see that all the video is full of lies, starting with the fact that the people who appears in that video telling you that they become millionaires thanks to that software is lying you, and why I say this? Because all that people hire actors, you can see them in many other videos of websites which are a scam too, you can see them talking about how their life has totally changed thanks to that software but the truth is that they are just doing their work.

Plus, they say that if you finally decide to join their software, and if you invest with them, after just a day, you are going to be able to have a profit of more than $13,000 in your account, but what can guarantee us that we are going to receive all that money in just a day, where all that money comes from? Yes, we do not have nothing that guarantees us that after we invest we are going to receive our profit, so maybe they just want to make us make a deposit and after that they are going to steal our money and we are never going to receive any cent of what we invested.

The fake testimonials on the Bitcoins Wealth website…

Plus, another thing that can totally convince us that the Bitcoins Wealth software is a scam, is the fact that all the testimonies that appear on the website are not real, and that is because the names that appear beside the pictures are not the real names of that person, which means that they just stole pictures of random people and they want us to believe that those people really experimented a life change with that software, which is not true, and the question that we have to ask ourselves is, if they were able to stole a picture, what can guarantee us that they do not want to steal our money too? So, all the testimonials are fake and you should not trust them.

And to convince you more that the Bitcoins Wealth software is a complete scam, here is another question to ask, who is Steve McKay? Unfortunately, I have to tell you that this person, which claim is the creator and CEO of the Bitcoins Wealth software, does not exist, and how do I know this? Because if you visit another software (which are scams too) you will be able to see that in that software appears the same picture and the same name, the name Steve McKay, so that means that the people who created the Bitcoins Wealth software are completely dishonest, because they stole that picture for a random person to use it on their software and to make you think that you will be millionaire thanks to them.

So, like you just saw, they are using fake testimonials and fake pictures trying to convince you to join their software, they just want to catch your attention using fake statements and promising you a lot of things like to make a thousand dollars in just hours and the fact here is that they never explain you how they are going to help you and where all the money comes from, so is the best proof that they are a scam.


After all that I discovered about the Bitcoins Wealth software I only have to recommend you to do, not join that website because it is a scam, so if you are searching for a software to trade with it, I ensure you that this is not the right way to do it because that website is a full waste of time.

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