Bitcoin Trader SCAM Review

Bitcoin Trader is an “investing system” created specifically to get profits from crypto currency. Is this true or is it just another bogus auto trader? The truth is that the interface of their website looks pretty interesting and legit, except for some small flaws that they decided to include. In this article, we will take a look at those flags, and we will let you decide whether you join the Bitcoin Trader system or not. We want to mention as well that the Auto Trader we HIGHLY RECOMMEND is Maximus Edge AutoBot, which is the system that has generated amazing results ever since it was launched in September 2,017Read Maximus CryptoBot’s Review. Let’s get to the review.

Who created the Bitcoin Trader system?

The truth is that there is no record on their website about who created this software. We tried to dig deeper in order to find the person, but we failed to. This really activated the alarms on us, since we don’t know exactly who is behind this software. It can be a very successful trader, or it can a very successful scammer. You should be very careful if you are joining this system, as there is simply no one to blame, in case their promises are not kept.

In addition to the unknown creator of the Bitcoin Trader system, they don’t really have a presentation video. Yes, you read it correctly. They have a 49 second video that shows small parts of several interviews with very successful people, talking about how bitcoin has impacted the world’s economy, but that is it. Nobody has explained what the Bitcoin Trader system does or what it doesn’t. This, again, turned on all of the alarms, since there is no explanation as to what are we dealing with.

Most of the fraudsters out there have a video explaining, and telling you how you will get rich, which is dumb as well. However, the Bitcoin Trader system does not explain what they do. This means that it can be an auto trader, behind the image of a Bitcoin system. If you are looking for a bitcoin software, we recommend you to be very cautious with the Bitcoin Trader system, since you might encounter a Binary Options system instead.

Is the Bitcoin Trader system profitable?

The truth is that we don’t have any information from any person making money on this software. On the other hand, we do have some complaints against them, and their accuracy. The people that contacted us were not very specific as to how they lost their money. Nevertheless, we did find fake promises on their official website. The Bitcoin Trader system offers you a 99.4% accuracy on their predictions, which is just a scummy offer.

As we all know, even having over 90% accuracy on any trading prediction is crazy. Therefore, we have the Bitcoin Trader system in YELLOW, which means that we have not blacklisted them, but we don’t recommend them either. There are too many shady stuff on their website, which are not over yet.

Fake Testimonials

The usage of fake reviews, either paid testimonials or stock photos, is a clear sign of a scam. At least in the Binary Options world, this is just a sign to stay away. Since this software is “supposedly” dedicated to Crypto Trading, we assume that these crooks will be taking the same strategies to cheat people. The fact that the Bitcoin Trader system has utilized bunch of people from the U.S to write their testimonials, even when their software DOES NOT ACCEPT U.S RESIDENTS, shows us that they are hiding something. They should have real testimonials from real people using their software. Sadly, they don’t.

How do you join?

If you want to test it yourself, you are free to do so. Once you register your name, email address and phone number, the Bitcoin Trader system requires a minimum deposit of $250 so that you can have access to their platform. After that, they claim to be 100% free foreverWARNINGDo not trust on their FAQ at the bottom of the page, as they claim that you can make up to $1,300 on a daily basis, which is something NOBODY CAN GUARANTEE. Besides, they claim that there are members that made a million dollars within 61 days.


The Bitcoin Trader system is a risky software, since there are no proofs from any person making profits with this software. We recommend you to be cautious and withdraw your funds if you see anything strange. Again, if you are interested in a trusted auto trader, we recommend you to go with Maximus CryptoBot, which has actually proven the successful results. You can read the full review here. If you have been scammed, or have good results from the Bitcoin Trader system, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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