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We are going to talk about a software which name is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, which is a software who recently was added to the BitCoin investment industry, and this software was supposedly created by a company which name is the International Council for Bit Coin, whatever, this software claims to be one of the most amazing software ever created because it claims that if you start to join that software you will have the possibility to become a millionaire person thanks to them.

If you see the video that appears on the website of the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro software you will see that they say that the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro software is creating millionaire people every day and that a lot of people has experimented a total life change thanks to that product, they say that you can become a millionaire person overnight, but we know that all what they say is a complete lie, for that reason I recommend you to read this article in order to understand why the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro software is a complete scam and a waste of time, let’s start with the review.


The first question is why is the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro software not trusted?

Maybe if you are a new trader, or maybe if you are not, it is probably that after you saw all the money that they promise you can make with them, you get surprised and you may think that you should join that website as soon as possible, because they are promising you that you can become a millionaire overnight, but here I am going to show you some things that I guarantee you are going to convince you to stay away from that software.

First, they say that you can create an account with them totally for free, and after that you are going to notice that they say that you need to invest an amount of money, so, that means that you need an amount of money to start to join their software, to “become millionaire”, plus, in a part of their video they say that a person who invested like $5 with them had the possibility to make $13,511 after a month, but we have to remember that we do not have nothing  that guarantee us that we are going to make all that amount of money just by investing $5, everyone can notice that they are lying us.

And there is more, here is another thing that I noticed while I was visiting the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro website, I noticed that if you have a problem with the software or simply if you have any doubt, there is no way to contact the people of the Council for BitCoin company, and that is not a good signal because if you finally decide to join the software and you make a deposit of a big quantity of money, and then like I told you before, there is nothing that guarantees you that you are going to earn a big profit for the money that you invested, so if that problem happens, how are you going to contact them? There is no way to contact them, so it is a bad signal that shows us that the software is not trustworthy and that maybe the Council for BitCoin is not a real company.

So, why at first they say that their software is for free? The answer to this question is that this scam gets a commission for everyone who register with the software and for everyone who deposit an amount of money, so, that means that once you make a deposit in their account, they will get the commission for your deposit and only that, then you are not going to see the money that they promise you to make because their software is a scam and their only objective is to steal the money that you are going to invest with them.

The testimonies are suspicious too. Another thing that is very suspicious of the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro software is that they on their website they show us some people testimonials that they want us to believe that are real, but I can ensure you that all those people’s comments are not real and why I say this? Because we do not have anything that guarantee us that the names which appear next to the pictures are the real names of that person, Plus, we even do not know if those people know that their pictures appear on that website, maybe they just stole so it means that those testimonials are not trustworthy because if they were stealing pictures what can guarantee us that they do not want to steal our money too?


After all that we discovered about the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro software the only thing that I have to tell you is that I absolutely recommend you to stay away from that software because they already scammed a lot of people promising them to become millionaire person and then they only stole their money, so if you were interested to trade with that software I recommend you to search for other software because this is a 100% scam.

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