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Bitcoin Malay System


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Today we are going to talk about one software which claims is helping a lot of people all over to world to become millionaire in just a few days, the name of that software is Bitcoin Malay System and that software claims that if you join it and if you invest your money with them you are going to become a millionaire person, with them is possible to make a million per month, they say , but maybe you have your doubts about that, and me too, because how is possible to make all that money in just a month? It is that website a scam? I am going to answer to all your doubts here,  for that reason I recommend you to read this entire article, to help you to stay away of that software which I ensure you is a scam, so, let’s start with this article.

First, I think is very important to know how the Bitcoin Malay System works, and apparently, all that you need to do to start earning money with that software is to create an account (which is for free) and only that, because after that you are going to be able to start trading, you just need to deposit your money on their account and it will trade for you, and they say that after that you will receive a lot of profits which is going to allow you to become a millionaire person, but the fact here is, where all that money comes from? And what can guarantee us that we are going to receive all that money after we invest with them? There is nothing that guarantees us that because they never explain us anything about them, which for me, is the first proof that shows us that the website is a total scam.



Their video…  I was able to notice another thing which proofs us that the software is a scam, while I was visiting the Bitcoin Malay System website; I was able to see that the video that they show us is full of lies, and why I say this? In one part of the video, you can see that they show you some pictures of people that now are having a great moment thanks to their investment with them, but unfortunately all those pictures are pictures of random people, so it is probable that the people who appears in the pictures on the video does not know that they are in that video, so it means that they stole that pictures to lie you, so they just want to catch your attention by lying you, which means that they are dishonest people.

And that does not end here; in the same video you can see that there is a part which appears some people talking about their great experiences with the Bitcoin Malay System software, and let me tell you that they are lying to you again, why? Because the people who is talking on the video are hired actors, and I say this because if you visit some other websites which are a scam too, you are going to be able to see that same person too, and that is because the people who created the Bitcoin Malay System scam paid them so they can lie you.


And if a problem happens there is no way to contact the people who created the Bitcoin Malay System software… yes, if something goes wrong or if you just have any doubt about the software there is no way to contact with someone to receive help, and that is because the website of the software is anonymous, if you go to the bottom of their page, you will see that the usual sections that should be in that place are not in there, you should be able to see the contact us section, which is the section that allows you to contact with them in case of a problem, so it means that the software is not trustworthy.


Another important question, why is their software free to use? Unfortunately, their software is free to use because the people who is behind that scam is going to receive a commission for your registration and for your deposit, so that means that once you make your investment with them, they are going to receive the commission and after that is probably that they forget about your payment, and why? Because that has been their principal objective since the first moment, they just want you to join their software, and to invest with them so they can steal all your money, so you are not going to become a millionaire person, so they, and that thanks to all your money.


At least I just want to recommend you to stay away from that software because they only want to steal all your money,  so if you want to invest with a software I ensure you this is not the right software who invest your money with it, because is a scam.

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