The Bitcoin Code SCAM is promising its members to make $13,000 in 24 hours. The explanation they give in their presentation video, is that Bitcoins are now the millionaire investing opportunity, just as it was with Apple, Facebook and all the big companies that made millionaires to their first shareholders. Although we agree that the Bitcoins world has a lot of potential now, we can almost guarantee you that the Bitcoin Code scam is not the train that will give you the ride to wealth. Read this entire article in order to understand why is the Bitcoin Code blacklisted, and remember that Sharing is Caring, so use the Share buttons on the left side of the page to share it on your social media accounts. In the case that you are looking for a trusted Auto Trader, we recommend you to visit our Trusted Systems.

Why is the Bitcoin Code system not trusted?

If you are a novice trader, or even an experienced trader that had not seen an offer like this, you might get surprised, excited, shocked, or even convinced of testing this robot, when you see that there is a possibility of making $13,000 for free, as advertised by the Bitcoin Code SCAM. We will be truly honest when we tell you that this is not true. First of all, the system is free, but you do need to deposit with the broker they assigned to you when you register. The deposit is usually $250, which you will use to trade exclusively. Second of all, there is no way you can make $13,000 in one day with a trading balance of $250. How can they “guarantee” you that they will generate this amount of money for you? Simply because they won’t keep their promise, and you will not make any profit from them whatsoever.

Why is their system free to use? The Bitcoin Code scam, just as any other auto trader, trusted or not trusted, get a commission for your registration and deposit with the broker you get assigned. Therefore, once you make your deposit, they will get the commission and forget about their promise to make money. Usually, these crappy systems, like the Bitcoin Code scam, use a generic automatic trading system, that will not follow any path to place your trades. This means that you will not be trading, but instead you will be gambling with the assets on your broker. This is the best way to lose your money in no time.

Who is Steve Mckay?

We would love to be able to answer this question, but the truth is that Steve McKay, who claims to be the creator and CEO of the Bitcoin Code SCAM, does not exist. They only used a stolen picture of a random guy, and pasted on their official website. This is clearly a sign of dishonesty, which should be enough reason to blacklist them. But that is not all. Every auto trader likes to get some positive testimonials from people that have tested their service, so that the world can see that they are legit. Whenever an auto trader pays for fake testimonials, the alerts are activated, as we are dealing with a company that is buying reputation and not earning it. The Bitcoin Code SCAM did not even pay for fake testimonials, but all they did was to steal more random pictures, paste them into their website, and added a fake statement that was supposedly expressed by the person on the picture.

We have to be really skeptical when it comes to choosing a company that will deal with our money. If the company is using fake photos or images to catch your attention, using fake statements for people that don’t exist and promising you thousands of dollars in one day, without even explaining how they will do it, we can clearly state that the company is not legit. The Bitcoin Code SCAM made all of these mistakes. The worst part is that they don’t explain any trading strategy in their presentation video. Instead, the recorded voice tells a fake story of a guy working for an investment firm, which has become a very common story on scams like this, and that he created a magic system that generated thousands of dollars. This is a lie, and does not explain how they will manage our money, which is the most important fact in the end.


The Bitcoin Code system is 100% a scam. We highly recommend you to stay away from them and never look back. They have scammed many people already, which is the reason why we wrote this article. Make sure you also check my Blacklist section in order to see what other viral scams are affecting the Binary Options industry. We always recommend manual trading using a Trusted Broker, but if you are looking for an auto trader, we recommend you to check our review on the Maximus CryptoBot, as it is the best auto trader in 2,017. Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading.

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