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BitBubble Tech explains: “Since the middle of 2017, we’ve all witnessed the over exaggerated price speculation of Bitcoin. The Financial bubble signs are all over the place and the bubble burst is near!”

This is how the BitBubble Tech software’s presentation surprises many day-traders. The BitBubble Tech software is the brand new Crypto Trading Software available for the world. If you are wondering what an ICO is, it stands for Initial Coin Offering. It is the same as an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which is making a company public for the world to be able to acquire shares to be a shareholder, only that with ICO, you will be a digital-currency holder. It does sound more complicated than it is. The BitBubble Tech software is the first Crypto Trading Software that has implemented a truthful and working strategy to the Crypto Trading world. As a matter of fact, no other software launched before was so accurate in their predictions of the market in 2,018 for Crypto Currencies.

BitBubble Tech

What is the BitBubble Tech Software?

The BitBubble Tech software was created by a group of expert traders, that have been analyzing the Crypto markets for over 8 years now, and that have found a key-point on the Money-Making in the trading world, especially for Crypto Traders. But before we go deep into the explanation that the BitBubble Tech software offers to the public, keep in mind that we have all been witnesses of the craziest increase of Bitcoin throughout the last 7 years. It has been so crazy that we all know it can’t last forever. Many of us have speculated with possible crashes on the Crypto Market for the past 2 years, but nothing ever happens.

The BitBubble Tech software is certain that the Crypto Market will have a huge bubble burst in 2,018. Although it is a theory, we will need to wait will Dec 31st, or until that happens, to give credit to the BitBubble Tech software creators and their predictions. What we are sure of, is that the strategy and trading analysis the BitBubble Tech software creators have found is absolutely amazing. It is based on the conclusion that “History always repeats itself”, which is a true fact.

BitBubble Tech

How does the BitBubble Tech work?

The BitBubble Tech software has developed a software that will provide with accurate signals and trades for its users, based on repetitive patterns, which means, movements of the markets that always repeat themselves. We can absolutely mention that the Support and Resistance strategy is one of the most common repetitive patterns, related to Binary Options however, that has proven to be incredibly successful. The BitBubble Tech software has now developed a software that will do that analysis for us, and will provide us with accurate trades to help us make money.

Why is this good for us? Well, we already missed the opportunity to make money by not buying Bitcoins when they were about $0.10. So now, we can only see it either going up or going down. Nevertheless, when we trade Crypto, we can make money out of any Crypto Currency, wheather is going up to the sky, or falling horribly till it crashes. By using the BitBubble Tech software, we will be able to get the predictions needed to know where the Crypto Currencies are going. Isn’t it like a gold mine? Yes, we are on the same page.

There are many other Crypto Trading softwares out there, but none of them is actually explaining what they are really doing behind the scenes. We do not trust any software that is no transparent about their trading strategies. The BitBubble Tech software explains very clearly how they started off their project, how they analyzed the possibilities of creating the software, and how they ended up building the Crypto Trading robot that is today the BitBubble Tech software.


The most important thing when you are trading is education, and here we are again giving a positive feedback to the BitBubble Tech software, simply because they offer as well a Crypto Trading Ebook (Which you can read about here) and a video course, that will help you become a better crypto trader, and to ultimately make money in the online world. This is becoming something more popular nowadays, but the companies offering an Ebook are not legit companies, since they are shady and hide things from visitors, pushing us only to buy their product blindly, instead of explaining every detail, just as the BitBubble Tech software does.

The BitBubble Tech software is now being offered 100% FREE to the audience. Nevertheless, it will start charging a 3% commission from all profits you make out of the software after 3 months of usage. This is a very affordable and fair way of working, since it will help us build our capital, and after 3 months, and once our account has grown substantially, they will start getting paid.

BitBubble Tech


The BitBubble Tech software is 100% LEGIT and 100% RECOMMENDED by the Binary Living Way family. We are very happy to see a product like this open to the world. You can visit their official website here. Don’t fall for any SCAM or software that is offering you to make thousands of dollars overnight, and stick with the BitBubble Tech software, since it is a legit and trusted application that will make you consistent income. Feel free to leave a comment below, and thank you for reading.

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